Which is the best power distributor/strip for PowerPlants?

I know I know… is a well know practice to never put any stuff before and after a PowerPlant.

Unfortunately I need to plug 2 PowerPlants P12 to the wall and I have only 1 dedicated line. So from each P12 to the wall socket I have 2 ways to go:

  1. My actual solution = with the help of a professional electrician I “extended” the wires from the first wall socket (on the right side of the rack) to a second new wall socket (on the left side) of the same line. I don’t know if this was the best solution because I created 2 different loops (at the risk of generate even a subtle ground loops - I do not hear much hum but I’m wondering if I can do something better to keep a dead silent noise floor and better blacker)

  2. A different solution = I would plug to the first wall socket a power distributor feeding both the P12s (and eventually also 2 REL stereo subs I’m having actually plugged to other different wall sockets) - in order to put together all my system units on a unique same dedicated line

No chance to buy a P15 or P20 because I have no room.

The real question is:
Is there a power distributor able to act as a multiple wall socket/strip without interfere or decrease the AC from the line to the PowerPlants? SQ is always the aim to achieve.

The right P12 feeds:
1 M1200 (HC outlet)
1 BHK Preamp
1 Stellar Phono Preamp
1 PT-10 Power Supply TT Mediterraneo Gold Note

The left P12 feeds:
1 M1200 (HC outlet)
1 AirLens (ready to…)

I have a Furutech e-TP609E NCF power distributor: would it be the right solution having to feed a lot of watts from 2 P12s and 2 REL subs? Before testing I prefer asking to the forum and PS Audio guys (@jamesh?).

I assume is fundamental to keep all the system on the same socket of the same dedicated line.

Any other idea? Thank you.

Some pics and schemes here down in the thread…

The Furutech ought to do the trick. Try to use the most benign strip you have. We don’t want any conditioning before the P12 because it’s only going to be adding more resistance to the line.


Is it possible to get a second dedicated 20amp line to feed the second P12? Ask your electrician. If you do, just put the second circuit on the same phase as the first.

Unfortunately not. We had in trouble for the first dedicated line, due to lack of space for wires inside walls from control panel to music room. Impossible to go with other wires.

What’s the best power distributor for purpose (feeding PowerPlants) in your opinion?

Anyone here never successfully experimented with regenerator plugged to power distributor (not conditioner or filter) or strip?

How far is the panel? Can you use surface mount wire mold to run the circuit? If not, the Whiz Kid’s suggestion is a good one. Something like a ETP-60 from VH Audio is a nice unit.

Panel is on a different floor, I cannot go through the reign of my wife (kitchen and living room) till my cavern room downstair…

I already have a power distributor (Schuko outlets)

This is not an active filtering, so I think it would not increase AC resistance or compromise the power flow of current between wall and regenerator.
What I’m looking for is the best strip/distributor to plug in 2 PowerPlants and 2 REL subs.

If this one is the optimal I’ll give it a try next weekend. All my power cords are AQ Dragon Variable Current HC (power conditioner + P12s + subs) and Dragon Constant Current SOURCE (all sources plugged to P12s power plants).

This solution will provide an entire system feeding from a unique socket of a dedicated line.

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Looks like you’re all set! All those Dragons, your system will sound phenomenal!!
Good luck!

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I use that distributor with a long cable and it works very well. Build quality is Furutech superb!

Thank you @waymanchen11 and @watchdog507. I will follow @jamesh and your suggestions.

Here some pics and schemes to clarify how my room/system is actually set up.
Room 3,9 x 6,0 mt (13x19 ft) x 2,5 mt (6.5 ft)
Listening position - loudspeakers = 2,3 mt (7.5 ft)
Loudspeaker (tweeters) apart 2,0 mt (6.5 ft)
Furniture LPs - furniture CDs distance = 4,0 mt (13 ft)





Very very nice. I really like the feeling you get from having an “Audio Den”. I’m sure you’ve had many awesome listening experiences in there. Congratulations!

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Beautiful room and speakers!!!

Best wishes

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Thank you Vince. Bad iPhone pics sorry - it seems half dimensions too little… next time I will take some better ones. Anyway that’s the cavern (the reign!) of my 20 years old son (the guitar guy!) and I for all the last terrible months of lockdown. Hours and hours of grunge (son’s passion) and 70s rock (my comfort zone) listening to music, discussing about bands and singers, politic and movements of the past, poets and dreams… in one word real life! I hope he will remember these father’s “school” days for all his life!


Thank you David.

Hey luca.pellicioli…

Reminds me of a story of a young college lad whose dad
had a very outstanding system in his basement…speakers were
of a tall floorstanding type.

As it turns out the lad brought some class mate pals to his
home for the Christmas holidays…

Upon demoing his dad’s basement system…they were shocked
in amazement (the had only listened to IPods previously)…needless
to say they spent the entire vacation tapping their feet in the basement!!

What a time that must have been…and you are providing your
son the same experience…

Best wishes

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Music (the real one in a real hifi sound mood) always wins, David!

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Moments to treasure!

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Beautiful room! Don’t think I’d ever seen it before!

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You know my room James better than any other after all my questions, mails and doubts you managed during last months. I would like to thank you once again Wize Guy!

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I thought you might find this article interesting. You are ahead of your time!!


The Furutech GTO-D3 NCF or GTO-D2 NCF may be better options, assuming they’re also available with Schuko outlets. Thicker gauge wiring.