Which is "the" Paul's Picks playlist on Qobuz?

I recently got a 3 month trial of Qobuz courtesy of my SVS sub purchase. After listening to all my own reference tracks, I went looking for the oft mentioned Paul’s Picks playlist, but a search on “pauls picks” and “ps audio” yielded several results… Anyone know which is “the” list often mentioned by @Paul? This is what I got back:

  1. Paul’s Picks
  2. Paul’s Picks (PS Audio)
  3. PS Audio Paul’s Picks Adapted
  4. paul’s picks on psaudio
  5. PS Audio Reference Playlist
  6. PS Audio Forum List 1
  7. PS Audio Demo (Qobuz)
  8. PS Audio Reference
    …and many more


You didn’t know Paul was DID?? One playlist per personality!

I think this one on Qobuz