Stereo Demo Playlists on Qobuz

I haven’t seen many shared playlists here and thought I’d post one of mine in case there is any interest. This is called Stereo Demo:


Got it and thanks!

Nice list! Good ol JJ Cale. We like similar stuff. I need to consider Qobuz again

Here is mine:


Thanks! Some interesting tracks here, I’ll give it a listen.

Keep looking for pretty notes, good dogs, and tacos

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I used Tidal for years. I’m in the process of switching to Qobuz on the theory that it MIGHT sound better. Also it seems to have more titles that I’m interested in. Time will tell.

I liked Qobuz a lot. My playlists are on Spotify though. I need to transfer some playlist and resubscribed. No comparison in SQ

Soundiiz does the transfers well, but you probably already know that …

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I forget the one i used previously but im probably out of free trial. Np. I got time.

Thanks for the link. I enjoyed it and found a number of selections I wasn’t familiar with to add to my favorites list.

Glad to hear this! There are so many poor recordings, lousy tracks, and such a variety of everything that it can be frustrating to find enough stuff one really likes.

I was a bit surprised by the large proportion of 16bit recordings in your playlist. Sound quality didn’t suffer though.

Yes, that’s what Qobuz often has. My AirLens upsamples to “floating 64 bit” but I’m not knowledgeable about, nor sure of, what that may accomplish. Frankly some of what goes on is voodoo to me.

It’s mainly about finding good recordings. The file format does matter much less than the mastering. Of course there is an audible difference in quality between different sample rates, but if the base recording is not done right, higher sample can’t fix it.

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Thanks! Going to give them a listen later!

Hope something appeals to you; finding new music can be really time consuming

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Roon radio is fantastic for finding tunes! But there are so many other songs to listen to so getting these lists based on other people’s preferences is great!

You’re right about Roon Radio (RR) & I know it works for many people. However, in my case there are so many factors important to me that are evidently not in the RR algorithm. By “factors” I mean tempo, the fact that I prefer certain styles of singing (no showoff vocal acrobatics, please no trumpets having a contest to see how high a note it is possible to play), an abhorrence of synthesizers and drum machines, and strong preferences about the mix (vocals back, rhythm section forward, ) …
Well, that’s what being picky gets me. But I do keep trying with RR.
Happy listening!

Ok, here is my playlist. It’s a work in progress that I have been putting together all
this year.

Hope this link works now. Sorry about that!

Qobuz shows it as a “private” playlist that cant be shared. There is a setting that you have to select to make it sharable and public.