Which other Amplifier has Self AC Regeneration

I am checking out Mark Levinson No 33, like the look and design but it is too big.
The manual states it has self AC Regeneration, so I am curious if there is modern Amp today that has self built-in AC regeneration ?

"In recent years, the detrimental sonic effects of noisy, unbalanced AC mains supplies have become widely known. Various passive AC “line conditioners” are available for use with line level components such as preamplifiers and digital audio processors to address these problems. In most cases, these line conditioners provide some filtering of the AC mains, along with some measure of surge protection. None of these devices may be used to good effect with power amplifiers, however, since they cannot handle the large instantaneous currents which power amplifiers require during normal operation. In effect, passive line conditioners become a “bottleneck” in the otherwise free flow of power through the amplifier to the speakers, reducing dynamic impact and musicality. In the Nº33, a more sophisticated approach is used that provides greater line conditioning benefits than the commercially available passive devices can hope to provide, while simultaneously avoiding any performance “bottlenecks.” A distortion-free 60 Hz sinewave is regenerated within the Nº33, and then used to power a separate power supply dedicated to all the voltage gain stages. AC power is delivered from the wall to the primary supply of the Nº33, where it is rectified, filtered and regulated into positive and negative DC voltages. A portion of this DC power is then used to drive an oscillator circuit which regenerates a pure 60 Hz sinewave without any of the noise or contamination so common to the AC mains as delivered to our homes by power utilities. The regenerated, pure sinusoidal AC wave is then sent to a dedicated secondary power supply, where it is converted to positive and negative DC power to be used by all of the voltage gain stages. This dedicated supply for voltage gain stages benefits from having a truly balanced source (unlike the dissimilar impedances of AC mains line and neutral), as well as from the total elimination of AC mains fluctuations and noise. As a result, the critical voltage gain stages of the Nº33 operate in a highly optimized environment, and are able to pass along significantly more low-level resolution and detail in the musical signal that they amplify. "*

Hi Mark,

I have one of the Audio-GD DACs with built-in Self AC Regeneration. Thing weighs a ton!

Here’s their mono blocks, also with Self AC Regeneration, weighing several tons :slight_smile: .


The regenerative power supply like a proprietary electric generator built in the unit.
It can block most disturb from the power line , supply the ultra clean power supply for the audio amps , reproduce the most neutral and analog sound like audio signal for the system and the users.
In the regenerative power supply design, the AC power through the regenerative input transformer , conversion to DC power ,through the class A PSUs power supply for the regenerative wave generator and driver stages .
A balance regenerative regular wave generator produce the ultra low distortion 50Hz wave ,through the balance gain amps and the strong output stages , drive the regenerative transformers produce the clean AC power supply feed to the separate class A PSUs power supply for the L and R channel preamps .
The class A parallel connection PSU has very high input impedance to avoid disturb through the PSU from affecting the signal parts and low output impedance with very fast speed and high linear, it is a very clean power supply.
Audio-gd on the regenerative power supply design points :
1, Through analyzed the AP SYS-2722 ,do a lot practises ,test and listen , full analog design of the regular wave generator have much lower distortion than the digital generator.
2, Digital drive stages have higher efficiency , but full analog drive stages have much better analog sound like .
3, 400Hz regenerative wave have higher efficiency , 50Hz regenerative wave had much far away the human ears sensitivity area than the 400Hz, boost the sound have much better analog sound like.

Very interesting!