P15 Regenerator with turntable and Stellar Phono

Hi everyone. For some reason I remember Paul mentioning it’s best to run the regenerator in Sine instead of MultiWave with a turntable. Am I remembering correctly? Can anyone provide insight as to why this is the case? My turntables speed controller and my phono stage are both connected to my regenerator. Thanks!

Hi @dcaudioguy
Somehow, our paths keep crossing due to some system similarities. I did connect the turntable to P15 for a while then moved it to a wall socket. The power supply unit of the P10 is designed to put up with the many moods of mains power. I both tested the speed and listened carefully and did not notice a change. I would appreciate hearing from you on this.

I have been using sine wave in both analogue and digital playback. I feel it gives more air and well defined mids and highs. I used to auto-tune the phase, but eventually left it at zero. Again, sharing your experience would be most appreciated.

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Yeah, I remember something like this too but it comes up so infrequently, I don’t remember the full story. If I remember correctly, it has something to do with AC motors (common for a lot of TTs) and multi-wave. I think this was a little more relevant with the older styles of regens. Less so with the current models. I’d test it either way and see what you think. You won’t hurt anything.


Absolutely! I’ll give it a try this evening and report back. Thanks!

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Thanks! That sounds about right. Pretty sure that’s what I remembered hearing. I’ll give it a try this evening.