Regenerator with custom sockets?

Have any of you tried PS Audio regenerators with aftermarket power sockets, for example Furutech? What about replacing the inner wiring, any benefit to heavier or maybe silver wires?
If I was to use Furutech outlets on a regenerator, would having it plugged into one be superfluous? Or does even a regenerator possibly benefit from keeping the chain homogenous starting from the wall? I’m mainly thinking of rhodium here.

It seems kind of silly to ask since a perfect sine is a perfect sine, but what about imaginary-valued / unmeasurable factors, etc? Please educate.


One of my acquaintances has a P12 with all Furutech NCF receptacles. I’ve heard of this upgrade from quite a few people.

Alright, understandably people are upgrading the very connectors that transmit the precious regenerated mains. Why pay for a perfect waveform if it doesn’t exit through a perfect gate?
Now what about feeding the regenerator? Would I “strain” the intended perfection of the exotic sockets’ transmittance capabilities if I fed the power plant from a standard wall socket? Does the regenerator care about a homogenous chain of connections, starting from the wall?

Yeah and do include any and all aftermarket regenerator upgrades to this thread. And how they affect the system performance.

PowerPlants respond positively to good power cords. I expect that if you find outlets to otherwise make a difference they would similarly be beneficial powering a PowerPlant.

The receptacles are designed for much better mechanical operation. The Furutech NCF’s or just any Furutech has a patented design to securely hold onto plugs. Yes it does work well. My true beef, Is that I personally hate IEC receptacles because a cable with any weight just hangs out at an angle, with poor contact. If it was up to me I’d replace every IEC receptacle that I own with one that has a secure grip.

I just made a sensible thought-out suggestion to PS Audio about a possible marriage with Furutech, as many companies have done due to Furutech’s leading edge on the science of their products. PS Audio simply can not compete with Furutech in such specialty products (which are patented to boot) and would garner MUCH benefit from a mutual contract.
Think about this:
PS Audio’s power cable with Furutech plugs - superior in its own right and maybe further developed (PS Audio’s cable after all)
Regenerators with Furutech outlets
Furutech’s rhodium on all connects
Products shipped with Furutech power cabling
General uses for Furutech’s metal treatment process
Price for Furutech accessories goes down when coupled with PS products
The fact that PS Audio has no “house sound” but rather strive for reference quality by any means

I’m sure both PS Audio and Furutech would be happy with a marriage - and the customers!

There’s a cottage industry here is the Toronto area. Many PS Audio Powerplant buyers are buying Furtech Duplex receptacles and modifying their Powerplants. A friend installed NCF receptacles on a P15 and likes the results. It’s not cheap, Furutech NCF’s are about $300 US per receptacle. Then you pay the technician to do the replacements. It gets pricey fast.

Well, yeah. It’s very advanced tech so understandably PS Audio isn’t ready to raise all their prices accordingly, but there could be an option to, for example, choose to buy a Power Plant with Furutech outlets, which would obviously have lower stock. I guess it’s a bit of a niche group even within the niche group that buys Power Plants who would go for rhodium outlets.

Although I’ve never tried it myself I have read in other threads that wrapping the female end of the power cord with Teflon tape helps get a tighter grip.