Which Power Amp for a pair of Focal Aria 926

I have a nice pair of Focal Aria 926 speakers - very nice. Max wattage 250W.

I can talk myself into any of the 4 PS Audio options to pair with a Directstream DAC that I’m going to buy as soon as they get MQA streaming sorted out with Roon.

I would say its for a medium size room - def not a small room.

I have a feeling I’m going to get a wide range of responses here.

Thanks in advance,


Hi David

why torment yourself, do what I did - purchase the whole PS Audio stack , P10, BHK-pre, DSD, DMP, S300s, Connect it all with Belden Iconoclast cables and be done with it - Your speakers will thank you for it.

PSVANE TC1 - KT88 2x35 watt - It plays almost as good as my PS audio BHK 250 but costs only 600 dollars without tubs.



I suggest a solid state amp as the speaker’s impedance is below 4 ohms from the upper bass though the lower midrange. As music has a great deal of energy in this range, an amp which can deliver current into this load, and with a low output impedance to not influence frequency response, would be best. The speaker is fairly efficient however so one does not need a lot of power.

The PS Audio amps would work superbly, as well as many other SS amps. I would avoid tubes with these speakers.

The PSvane drives far the most speakers better than my PS audio BHK 250 and the speakers are no problem. It’s not a long time since I heard that speaker with a vitus audio 100 watts amplifier. It was actually a nice sound.

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