Can a BHK be connected to a speaker that takes half the wattage?

I have a BHK250, which is usually connected to my Martin Logan Expressions. They can take power, no problem. However, a friend with a pair of speakers wants to hear them through my PS Audio system.

His speakers are Focal Cobalt 816S. Recommended amplification power is 20w-125w, so the maximum power the Focals can take is half what the BHK250 does into 8 ohms. The Focals’ sensitivity is 91.5

I suspect there is no problem so long as I don’t crank up the volume on my DirectStream DAC to the point of distortion. However, I’m hesitant to connect them for fear of damaging the amp or the speaker simply by connecting them. Will they handshake ok?

It’s all good. Start with the volume all the way down and slowly raise it.

The speakers will tell you when they start to go into duress.

Happy listening

Thanks so much for your quick response. I will do just that.

You’re welcome. Let us know how they sound.

See Paul’s video on this question.