Which Zappa disc are you currently spinning?




Hot Rats, Zappa’s 2nd solo release '69. Only 1 song has vocals (Beefheart). (my first photo upload, hope it works?)






On another thread, the topic is about damaging one’s hearing which reminds me of an excellent Dweezil concert that I attended a couple years ago: “Zappa plays Zappa”. Dweezil is an excellent musician and his interactions with the audience were warm and seemed genuine. Before the show, he asked for the house lights while he talked to us; told us what the show was about. He noticed several kids in the audience and held the start until his crew passed out hearing protection for all of them. He could have run for mayor after that.


CD Credits:
Transfers by Joe Travers, March 2012.

DSD Signal Path: Ampex ATR-102/Meitner Mark II A/D Converter via Sonoma Digital Workstation, courtesy Gus Skinas, Super Audio Center.

Interesting…Is there an SACD version?



I wish! AFAIK, there isn’t even a DSD download.



This FZ concert was recorded on October 25, 1980 at the Buffalo Memorial Auditorium. My first FZ concert was six days later on Halloween night at the Palladium in NYC.


I listen to portions of “An Evening with Wild Man Fischer” (1968) once every couple of years to remind myself that Captain Beefheart’s “Trout Mask Replica” (1969) isn’t that strange!




Absolutely Free > Old Masters Box One Vinyl edition




‘Last Performance’ Prague 1991 (music starts at 5.20)


I miss Frank.


Amen! RIP.


he certainly loved those “tubes of joy”…80-100 a day? I do miss him…