Old, Old PS Audio 200 C Questions

Most folks would say throw this amp in the trash can but not me. I love this brute. A PS Audio 200C built in 1986 best I recall. Did a re cap because I thought it well past time and replaced both bridge rectifiers. I have not bought new filters and therefore they were not replaced. I was very careful to mark, check and re check polarity. All was working well I had DC offset down to less than 10 mV on each channel and was listening to it afterward. Suddenly, fire leapt from the left amp board. Killed me. I want to repair it or have it repaired professionally. And ideas as to someone trustworthy that would be willing to work on it ? Thanks, I am new so please excuse if I have not followed protocol. regards, Jim.

Hi Jim… I too bought a PS Audio 200C in 1986. I too loved that brute of an amp! About two years ago I took a tour of the PS Audio factory in Boulder…and I asked out of interest if they could refurb my old 200C…new caps, etc. The main service tech opened a big drawer and pulled out the original schematics for the 200C. He looked it over…said he would decide what to replace/upgrade and give a me call back. He did call me back and said that he could no longer source some key parts that he would want to replace. I worried that if it should fail, that it would then just be another 70 lb piece of recycle. At that point, I took Kevin Jackson’s suggestion and traded that old 200C in while it still worked on a new pair of Darren Myers’ M700 Monoblocs. VERY Happy here!!

The 200C … that’s the one you could bridge into monoblocks? I owned a pair way back. They were damned good for the time; and at the price - loved them!

That kind of makes me sad. Not the fact that you have the monoblocks but the fact that according to that service tech some parts are unobtainable. I would consider monoblock amps but that would add a hefty price for the amps as well as the speaker modifications I would need due to using Polk SDA speakers. They must have a common ground amplifier or you must build an isolation transformer for the interconnect cable. I really want to see this eagle soar again. I am hardheaded so who knows. I ain’t giving up easy. Thank you for your insite.

Far as I know this one is not capable of bridge mono. I may well find out that I am wrong though. I know the detail and the brute force of this amp is exceptional. I now wish I had not fooled with it…