Who here flies R/C?


Okay, I’ve seen a few comments recently, so I am firing off this thread. I believe that Alrainbow flies helis, and someone else commented about flying micros. I remember a while back someone else mentioned quads.

I have been flying R/C since 1972. Mostly fixed wing, but have flown helis. With the exception of a micro, all of my helis predate the electric revolution.

I have never built a gas plane but have many glow planes and a couple of diesels in my fleet. However… for the past several years I have flown electric exclusively. I also have several sailplanes, but those have been idle for a few years - not counting a couple of old timers.

RCGroups name is TheAeronut. Most active recently in the Taranis threads.

Your turn. Who else flies R/C and what do you fly?

Just curious.



I have some ultra micros that I rarely get to fly because it’s hard to find good locations around NYC. Also an indoor heli or two. Nothing really serious–pretty much beginner stuff. I could see myself getting into it more seriously if it was reasonably convenient.


I built and flew [and crashed] a few glow-plug babes many years ago. I was great at flying away from me but all Hell broke loose when I turned it around to fly back. I did enjoy it though and later ended up getting my license and flying the sit-in variety. No crashes there, yet.


I don’t fly them, but a friend of mine makes my audio obsession look tame by comparison. Meet Spooky the Pumpkin (flying pumpkin, that is).

This made the local dogs go nuts.

EDIT: file is too big. you get the idea…


I’ve been into heli’s for quite some time and have also picked up fixed wing and multi-rotors as well. They are as addictive as any other hobby and can get up into the megabucks. I had a Predator/Wren 54 turbine heli that I recently sold that was in the $7K range. It was just to unnerving to have that many dollars spinning around waiting to crash. 105_gif I haven’t had much time to fly anything lately so most of it just sits unfortunately. That and I just picked up an older Spec Miata race car to blow off steam with… What is it with guys anyway???