Who Makes Short Power Cables?

I recently got a 4 pieces from the Stellar Series and have them stacked in my rack. One of my frustrations is the ability to find high quality power cables that are short or extremely short in some cases. I believe most of us stack our equipment so I have no idea why someone doesn’t make 1ft power cables. Would love to find a source that makes shorter quality power cables.

Someone like Patrick at Cullen Cables will probably make any length you want if you’re sure you want to box yourself in that way.

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I’ve always liked this company. Cheap but good quality. Tough crowd here though.


You can always call your manufacturer of choice to see if they could accommodate you on any particular length you may desire…Most times people buy the standard cable length so as to have resale value. If to short…you may never be able sell them down the road if/when the time comes.

One foot long power cables will be tricky as power cables tend to be stiff and cannot be bent into a C shape in this short of distance.

As suggested, I would call around and see what the cable builders can do for you.


I have a .6m Pangea AC9SE power cable. That’s pretty short just under 2’.

Depending on the lay of the wire it may also have to twist 180 degrees along with bend 180 degrees. With heavy gage wire (even multi stranded) that may be an issue.


Well they were designed to be stackable so I just assume someone may have manufactured them for that application. I even thought maybe AQ would make some specifically for PSA.

Just because they are thin doesn’t mean they were intended to be stacked. With after market cords and connectors as opposed to the black OEM’s in the box you have to account for the longer bend radius so shorter cables won’t work like you think. The cables will be thicker and stiffer and the connectors are larger. You’re better off buying a standard length that you can dress properly and re-sell if necessary.

Franks makes good cables at fair prices but only reasonably flexible in one meter length.

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I don’t understand why stackable or stacking components suggests short power cables.

Unless you alternated boxes: component then regenerator/conditioner, component then regenerator/conditioner, etc. how would you reach the AC with a bunch of short cables?


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All less than a foot away from power.

I don’t think anything shorter than a 1/2 meter or thicker than something like a Pangea 14 gauge is going to bend that tightly without putting stress on the IEC but you can order from AA and find out. If they don’t work send them back. That way you can find out for yourself.

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I don’t wish to illustrate the tough crowd comment so I’ll be brief. I have ALWAYS regretted a short cable purchase. Ever single time. Most of us have learned to accept and deal with the cable issue. 1.5 meters should be the minimum length for any cable.


Thanks for all the replies.

I’m so happy with this company, I use since years the top range called INVICTUS, able to order tailor made for length and color too:

Even 0,5 mt. for power cord from P12 to M1200s or 0,5 mt. for XLR from DAC to BHK.

Speaker, power, interconnects… all components of my system.

During next weeks I’ll have the chance to test some power cord to evaluate cable from wall (dedicated line) to both my 2 P12 regenerators:

  • Nordost Valhalla 2
  • Nordost Tyr 2
  • AudioQuest Dragon (difficult to find for test at home)
  • Zavfino Silver Dart

I need 1,0 mt. max and space behind wall 20/25 cm. - flexible cable needed.

Do you have suggestion in comparison of these cables intended only to go from wall to regenerator? No other models because I can test only these ones. Thank you very appreciate (I know there is a thread similar but without these specific models and lengh issue)

Shorter cable seems to be a mantra reading lots of posts on this forum, so I always went on this road.

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Roger that.

Just can’t picture the setup.

Good luck.

I’m just guessing here but I’d envision three shelves. Top shelf: CD atop/beside DAC; Middle shelf: regenerator or PLC; bottom shelf: amp 1 atop/beside amp 2.

If you are handy and feel comfortable with AC power you can try making your own. I have my components on a SoildSteel rack and most standard lengths leave big loops that can cause issues since the back of the rack is exposed and I walk behind it. Having just the right length was the solution for me so I got wire and connectors from Parts Connexion and made my own. For my cables I used the DH Labs Power Plus wire ($11/ft) and Wattgate connectors. Better than stock cables, but not as good as high end power cables (> $500/M). It is a trade-off and I’m Ok with that. In my opinion having a shorter cable should be less damaging than an equivalent longer cable dangling behind the component and possibly getting too close to another cable. Of course, there will be lots of opinions on this so go with what works best for you.

I should add that I have a 0.5M PS Audio AC-12 and it is not in use because it is way to stiff to mate with most components, I’m sure many of the high end cables fall in this category as pointed out by others. I also have some Pangea 14 Ga. cables and they are very easy to place and work fine for low power components. Good luck!