Why are all formats showing up as WAV?

I am experimenting with different players and find that Audirvana+ 3.2.6 will show up as WAV files on the DSD regardless of what they are on my NAS (Flac, dsd).

When playing the same files using mConnect or Lumin App (OpenHome Emulation) the DSD display shows up correctly.

Anyone know why this is?

I’m really enjoying my DSD. I’m a Tidal user and whilst the Mconnect app is good I have been trailing other software with better Tidal/rips integration and a better GUI.

I’m having the same issue with my DSD using Audirvana. Audirvana provides the option to allow MQA DACs (such as the Directstream) to fully process MQA. However, unlike Roon or the Mconnect app, MQA files are not being fully unfolded using Audirvana. Not sure why!

It would be interesting to know if the issue is associated with the Audirvana software or if it is something associated with the Directstream. If PS Audio or someone in the community who is knowledgeable could please provide some insight it would be helpful. A simple way of testing this would be for PS Audio to download the free trial of Audirvana and assess what is happening.

If it’s not an issue with the Directstream I will approach Audirvana.

This might be a big ask but seeing how responsive PS Audio is I thought I’d ask!

Any other feedback would be welcome.


Audirvana is just doing the free first stage unfold that Tidal already provides as well. The second stage of the unfold has to be done inside a DAC and has to be tuned to the DAC - which sounds fancier than it really is. Actually they’re mostly just making sure the type of digital filter is what they’re expecting for a particular flavor of MQA unfold. To my knowledge no generalize software program does the full unfold of MQA because that would violate their tenets as well as become hard to pay MQA their royalty per use.

You can get the full unfold inside PS Audio DirectStream and DSJ using the Bridge.

Hi Paul

Thank you for the speedy reply!

I am using the Directstream with the Bridge II connected. The Audirvana settings look like this:

I hope these settings are correct. My expectation when using this setting is that the DSD will process the MQA file (second unfold) as you describe in your email. However, the Blue MQA indicator on the DSD front panel reads WAV not MQA hence my query . Also the file format shown on the DSD front panel suggests only first level unfold not the full unfold.

I guess from your response Audirvana via the DSD with Bridge II does fully unfold Tidal Masters MQA. Perhaps I have chosen the wrong settings in Audirvana. If so could you please let me know what should they be?

Lastly, I have been looking at the Octave thread and I’m very pleased to see you are developing this much needed solution. I think it’s great that you are involving the community. I would like to try it and feedback but there appears to be no data on the test version at

All the best…

The underlying test library for trying out Octave has indeed disappeared. :frowning:

Shock horror! First it was rigging elections now this. Is any data truly safe any more…

Here is a summary of my experience and others:

Audirvana + does not function well with DSDAC / Bridge II. There could be other problems but, the tracks do not advance properly and the timer slider does not work.
There needs to be communication between Audirvana and PS Audio for this software to work. Since Octave is on the horizon, I doubt that PS Audio will do that.

You can play entire tracks however and I have never had a crash but if you want to use Audirvana as intended you need to use another renderer such as the microRendu by Sonore. These have been “certified” to work with Audirvana.

It seems like Audirvana is sample rate converting. I don’t know the program but maybe ask their customer service how to pass the signal without affect.

I still can’t access Octave to test. Still no data…

Working on it.

Now working - Thanks!

Tazza - did you ever get Audirvana feeding the directstream Bridge as you indicated above configured to properly and fully unfold MQA tracks? If so, how?

Alternatively, feeding the Directstream via USB from a microRendu and Audirvana (where teh microRendu is the device that shows up in Audirvana…is it possible to get the Directstream to fully unfold mqa using this approach?