Why can’t I subscribe to Paul’s daily posts?

When I try to sign up for Paul’s Daily Posts, it asks for my e-mail. When I give it and then add submit, it then states thanks for signing up and that I’ll get a confirmation e-mail which I’ll need to complete the process. When I then check my e-mail, I don’t get the the confirmation. I checked my Junk mail too, and it didn’t show up there either.

Has anyone else had this problem too? Therefore I cannot sign up for his daily posts. Anyone have a solution or is the signup process down now?

It’s because Mailchimp thinks your email address is fake. It begins with “test” and it will not allow me to enter it. Consider perhaps a different address?

Hi Paul,

Thanks for the reply.

I spoke with James at PS Audio on the phone about this today due to his reply to an e-mail which I sent to ps Audio this weekend about this issue. His e-mail to me which he sent before I spoke with him stated, and I quote, “You have 3 accounts on the website. The usernames are clay03, joysjane, and nordicbob. It’s possible this where the confusion may be coming from.”

James did indeed delete the other 2 user names clay03 and joysjane which I never created or knew about. As I told James, I am really concerned about this matter due to security reasons since James told me that my home address, phone number, and e-mail address was linked to these other user names as well as my user name. At the time, he was not sure if these other user names are even valid user names. He is checking into this matter at this time, but I want you and all at PS Audio to be aware of it too. BTW, I never got e-mail noticitation that you replied to my question here which I thought that I was supposed to get.

A lot of us got new, apparently random, user names when they switched over to the new forum software. Elk quickly takes care of any victims that come to his attention. That may or may not be related to your issue. If it is, I doubt there is much reason for any concern (but can’t say that for a fact).

There’s no reason for concern about security or otherwise. As I mentioned the reason you can’t subscribe is our email service, which is called Mailchimp, has rejected your email address because it looks suspiciously like spam to it since the address you provided us starts with “test”. Mailchimp doesn’t know about your user name.

Hi, Nordcbob. I sent you a PM last night with suggestions on how to resolve this issue. The email attached to your account will be rejected by every mail service and additionally would never get to you.

Take a look at my PM and get back to me as to how you would like to proceed.

If for some reason you do not see a PM from me, send a message to me and we will go from there. It should be an easy fix.


@Elk. I didn’t get an e-mail from you. I checked my spam too. To clarify, do you want me to send you a PM? If so, I’m not sure how to go about it on the new PS Audio forum website . Thanks.

@Paul It’s the same e-mail that I have been using for PS Audio for a long time. As I told James, due to a possible security issue which came to be unfounded, I subsequently unsubscribed to “Paul’s daily posts, podcasts, video, etc. Once I believed everything was ok security wise, I tried to rejoin all these with the same e-mail I always use and that’s when I ran into the problem. Ironically, I was able to get your daily videos back and Copper Magazine though, but not Paul’s daily posts.

BTW, I have no idea what Mailchimp is.

@Thanks for the reply. I was ok until I unjointed Paul’s posts, videos due to the reasons that I explained in my other post, It’s when I tried to rejoin them where the problem began.

Yes, please send me a PM.

To do so, click on your user name in the upper right. Then click on the envelope icon in the upper right: Capture

Then, in the upper left, you will see: Capture2

Click on this. It should be self explanatory from there.

My hope is we can communicate through PMs as we need to tidy a few things up.

(Mailchimp is a service which provides mass email capabilities. It is commonly used to distribute emails to multiple subscribers to things like Paul’s Posts.)

Or to send a PM you can click on that person’s name (e.g. at the top left of one of their posts) or their avatar and then press the message in the upper right of the pop up.

Thanks, Ted. That is easier.

I’m typically doing admin stuff so I go through the menus and forget the easier methods of doing things. :slight_smile:

I never know if a particular function is Admin only :frowning:

Yep. It would help if admin functions were a different color or otherwise identified.

NordicBob, I changed your account to the correct username. I also changed your email address but I am afraid the system sent an email to the old address for verification - which of course you will not receive. Argh. Let me know if you are set logging in and posting. I will then followup getting your email correct. I sent you a PM as well.

I am very sorry you are having such problems. We fortunately have not seen such issues before.

Looks like your email address is now correct. I tried to add you back into Mailchimp email service for Paul’s P{ost but because you unsubscribed I cannot subscribe you back again. You need to do that yourself. Go here: http://eepurl.com/c_eBxv


I just sent a long e-mail to Elk which might help shed some light on the problem, but now sure if what I described is the cause.

I’ll try to sign up to your Daily Posts, podcasts, etc. again.

Thanks to Elk and you for all your help, and good to know that my account was not hacked into.

Best Regards,