Problems with forum after website upgrade

Thanks. I can’t stay away from you guys! I couldn’t restore my former account, had to create a new one and lost access to all my old history…


Still can’t PM anyone, so all those suggesting I PM Elk, I would if I could. I couldn’t reconnect with my old 'identity" because the forum asked me for a password reset, and then would never send me a link to reset the password. It didn’t hit my inbox or my spam folder. If I tried anything further it told me I needed an alternate email account. I haven’t had an alternate email account since I retired 15 years ago. So I created one and at that point all the forum would do is let me create a new account.

First world problems yet again. A week of them!


Calling @Elk, Calling @Elk, lonson1 needs help


I have tried reactivating Lonson’s original account. This may work. He should get an email asking to verify his email. If this does not show up within a day, please let me know.


Thanks Elk. No email yet–none of the emails the forum says it has sent has reached me this week.

I had exactly the same experience as Lonson. Could you try doing the same for me? (original username magister, now magister1). Thanks!


I will keep at it.


You need the help of Elk1! And 2 or 3 maybe…

As always thank you for your work and kindness, Elk.


have you ever received an email from the forum? (I’m thinking typo in the forum-held copy of your email address)

Lonson, I upgraded your Lonson1 account. I think you will be able to send PMs now.

Prior to the change in the forum I’ve gotten plenty of emails from the forum and the email address is correct.

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I’m having a similar issue. Once I log out on a device, there’s no getting back in. I never get an email to reset my password (I have received many emails through the system). If I don’t log out on a device, all is well. I am usually logged in on 4 separate devices (now 3).

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And let’s not forget Disqus…very clunky at best no flow to it :-1: :-1: and a data miner to boot ugh…

Could not view Paul’s Daily Posts without registering…it seems that people who want
only to read the post have to register if this failing is not addressed it will cost viewership…
and reduce exposure…

Not good!!

Data mining is BAD form, shameful

You need to get registered again on PS Audio and then sign up for Paul’s Post again. I know, PITA. I get the emails for P’sP and can see them online with the comments.

I am being a hypocrite about this because I am not going to register with Disqus even though I use google and gmail ( which mine data ). It is just my way of saying I cannot tolerate anymore data mining. :roll_eyes:

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Thanks tonyplachy…

This doesn’t seem to farewell for Paul’s Posts…maybe I’m wrong…keemo sabe

Best wishes

I too cannot get into my account on anything but my tablet which I had not logged out from. I get the same thing when I try to log in telling me to reset the password which it won’t let me do!

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I’m reading Paul’s posts and Ask Paul, without signing into Disqus. Living the good life?

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Since the new website, my system is sounding a little veiled. Maybe the website needs some burning-in?