Why does a fuse allow cross-circuit noise through?

Call me stupid but I don’t understand why fuses allow noise to pass back through to the other circuits?

Why not, there’s usually no block in the fuse against that, a fuse is no diode. A normal fuse is like a thin cable. If you don’t use a power distribution that isolates (I don’t speak about isolation transformers) against such backwards interference, it is normal to have it imo. Not sure what a power regenerator does in this regard, but to my knowledge it doesn’t isolate, instead its focus is on max. regulation and current delivery as well as min. impedance.

You have to experience yourself what’s more important for your setup and power line situation, HF/RF/noise optimization (I don’t speak of power conditioners in direction towards the components) or power regeneration. If one single regenerator doesn’t limit your dynamics, you can even try to use both in sequence and just use one outlet of the regenerator towards an isolating power distribution.

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