Fuse upgrade for P12

Just did an upgrade on my P12 power regenerator. Replaced the stock fuse with SR Blue fuse and I never thought it would effect a regenerator, but it does. Just like before, I didn’t think a power cord can effect a regenerator, but now I know better. Different power cords sounds different on a regenerator, so does the fuse. The SR Blue makes the resolution higher. My brother who was also listening, heard it right away. He said “Everything is a little clearer, you hear more inner detail.” I guess with everything plugged into the regenerator, that’s a lot of components effected at the same time.



I have learned not to prejudge and to try things.

Another thing to try is vibration isolation on the P12.


I added a HiFi Tuning fuse, and Herbie’s tenderfeet (soft). At 37 pounds it can use the hard or soft Tenderfeet. PSA AC5 for power in. Nice device (as is my P5).

I use HRS Footers. They seem to sound the best. It’s two rubbery discs with a center aluminum plate. Seem to deaden vibrations quite well. A little expensive though. Iso Acoustics Oreas are good also.

I use the Voodoo iso pucks on P20 Regen. Oreos on everything else except my very small components, then mini pucks.

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Most of my components use Alto Extremo footers (a bit expensive for my budget - all but one set purchased used)…They are fairly tall, which allows under dusting of equipment.


Revisiting this topic…thanks for any additional mods or suggestions.

Update: I have since replaced the SR Blue fuse with the SR Orange one and from the HRS footers with the IsoAcoustics Oreas and my system never sounded better.


I have an Audio Magic Beewax in mine, and even though it makes no sense to me, sounds totally sublime. Yes, high end fuses make a difference, even in a power regenerator.

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The fuse is like so, right?

5x20mm (.075")
Slow (T)

The 5x20mm slow (T) 1A is for the DS Sr.
The 5x20mm slow (T) 5A is for my 120v P12.

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Thanks, waymanchen11! Prost

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It’s marked right on the back of the unit, just below the fuse holder.

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Got it. Won’t need to ask again!

What is a bit odd that P10 220V versioon should have a 3 A fuse, but can continuously deliver more than 1500 VA. Clearly a 3 A fuse would not be enough.

But there is also the circuit breaker like “push to reset” button.

My suspicion is that the “push to reset” is the main fuse which can be reset, that likely allow 10 A or so. Could this be correct?

But what is then the user replaceable fuse for?

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Great questions - I was wondering about the same things!

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Found some information on the HC duplex outputs, which may be off-topic, but nevertheless interesting

Waymanchen I just saw your post…

Likewise for me an sr blue for my P12 plus upgraded power cords yielded
a very sizeable improvement…yes resolution is greatly improved along with the overall

Btw sr blue for my power amp as well.
Thanks for sharing

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For those that miss the last sale of SR Orange fuses, there’s another one going on right now at VH Audio. Three for the price of two. I have changed all my SR Blues to Oranges and I find the Oranges sounds even more natural than the Blues.


Thanks for the heads up on the oranges …
3 on order…

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