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A pretty tasty deal from PS Audio on their PowerPlants, particularly the P20


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I got an email this morning from Scott McGowan abut this promotion. While I have a P15, I have no idea what PowerPlay is, never heard of it and can’t find anything in his email or on the PS Audio site or in Paul’s promotion video that actually says what it is, although it’s mentioned a few times in the promotion link Scott provided.

There is this odd sentence, though, at that promotion page: “To celebrate the launch of the new PowerPlay server providing access to your Power Plant’s performance, we’re making it easier than ever to own a PowerPlant AC Regenerator.” What is PowerPlay and its access to performance, since it appears to be undocumented? I’ve had a P15 for a couple of years. (edited)

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Great to see PowerPlay back and interesting to see the performance of my unit over the past couple of months. Also makes you wonder when you see THD% in varying so much just reconfirms my decision to purchase my p20 and to date one of the best upgrades i have done.

classic video of Paul - a must watch just for a :smile: an excellent adventure, dude


That’s an interesting way of interpreting this sentence. PowerPlay is a feature we offer with a number of the PowerPlants which allows you to track it’s power data. If it’s hooked up to your LAN, you’ll be able to track the data over a 6 month period. It’s put onto graphs so you can see the consumption, voltage in/out, etc. Think of it more as “providing access to the data of your PowerPlant’s performance.”


Hmmmm my P12 has been connected to the network since I got it, it is registered with you all, but PowerPlay under MyPS doesn’t show anything.

Ditto, my PerfectWave Power Plant 3 shows nothing.

Back in the old days it would display.

I like tasty deals !!!

It’s crucial to get the registration correct. For example, I see the S.N. of your P12 is invalid.

Thanks! I fixed it and now I see the PowerPlant. How about some Serial # validation on the registration page? :wink:

Sweet! We do actually have some things forth coming that will make that process more robust.

Considering that I’ve owned a registered P15 for over two years, and a P5 and then P10 for a good time before that, and have never heard of PowerPlay and wasn’t able to find anything about it on the website today, my question about the wording of that sentence is and what PowerPlay is all about was perfectly reasonable.

Absolutely fair. There could definitely be more material and info about it on the website. I find it humorous that we can have folks like you who love multiple PowerPlants for many ears and have no idea it exists, and others that threaten to leave us and sell all of their PS Audio gear because it isn’t available.


I am similarly amused.

This feature has been the source of remarkable controversy, surprising given the information if gathers is already available on your unit’s screen. (Yes, I know, it captures the data over time so does offer more information in that sense.)


On another look, it seems I more into what PowerPlay does than that sentence stated. Nonetheless, I still don’t know what PowerPlay is.

It merely captures a few parameters of a PowerPlant over time and offers it up as a graph. One can also download the data as a .csv file.

An example of a couple of the graphs.

Ok, thanks. Not that I need it now — my P15’s front faces the wall — but is PP a program on the unit or run some other way?

A PS Audio server communicates with a registered PowerPlant and makes the information available via a webpage, https://www.psaudio.com/my-ps/powerplay/.

You have to register your PowerPlant with PS Audio (product registration page) for PowerPlay to work.

As the PowerPlay page explains: “With this new interface you will be able to view your current wattage, voltage and THD readings as well as see 30 days worth of historical data. There will also be an option to download the data for your own record keeping should you wish to do so.”

It’s probably also worth noting that the PowerPlants’ web interface is directly available if your browser (on any device) can access your LAN. Provided of course your PowerPlants are connected to said LAN. :smiley: This means that even if you can’t access the PS Audio web site you can still access your PowerPlant’s web interface. Of course you won’t be able to get the historical data as provided by PowerPlay but at least you can still control your PowerPlants’ operation if you wish.

Thanks for that James. Answered a similar question I had. I have 3 P10s but only 2 showed in PowerPlay. On checking the serial number after reading your advice, the one not showing had an incorrect serial number. After correcting it, all 3 now appear.

It actually jogged my memory. That unit developed an issue a little while after I purchased it back in 2012. My retailer/distributor here in Australia (Tivoli Hi Fi/Magenta Audio) promptly replaced it at the time and I’ve had no issues with any of the 3 ever since. :+1: