Why no USB-C in HiFi

Silly question…why does it seem that even new HiFi manufacturers are not creating USB-C connections? I understand that there is a lot of older equipment but it seems a smaller connector that can be inserted either way would be beneficial assuming the audio quality and data transfer rates remain high enough, right?

There’s just no real market for it I guess. I have a USB C connector on both my NUC and my external SSD dock and I use a Wireworld USB 3.1 between them but even if your hi fi gear had C connections, outside of Wireworld’s two USB 3.1 cable offerings there are basically zero audiophile cables that use C connectors.

The USB-C connector is used in pro audio interfaces for Thunderbolt 3, FWIW. I don’t know that there would be any benefit other than ease of use in a purely USB application.

Reversible USB plugs are worth it on their own, any thing to avoid the need to always have to try it both ways and it only fits on the third attempt. i don’t know how that is possible, nevertheless that’s how it is for me every time :slight_smile: