Another New Sprout 100 Owner

Hello community!

After much research, I decided to take the plunge and upgrade my system with the Sprout 100. My old system:

Paradigm Studio Monitor 20 V2 speakers
Onkyo TX-DS939 receiver
Onkyo C-7030 CD Player
Better cables brand speaker and interconnects cables.

The Sprout is replacing the DS939 receiver.

I had always loved the warm sound of Onkyo equipment and was pleased at the same sort of musicality coming from the Sprout on my first listenings. I wasn’t noticing too much difference in the sound stage but could tell that there was more individuality to the instruments and vocals.

Then, I decided to move the CD player from an analog connection to a direct digital via a Monster brand toslink cable. The difference was stark and immediate. The sound stage became more defined and that individuality also became noticeably bigger. Also, there was now a more immediacy to the attack of the instruments. I thought it would be a good test to bypass the Wolfson DAC in the Onkyo and take advantage of the new ESS DAC in the Sprout. And boy was it! Even though I had read that the Sprout makes extensive use of the ESS DAC, even via the analog connections, bypassing the Wolfson added much to the sound.

I have only had the Sprout for a few days now, so it still has some good burn in time to go.

I do have one question for everyone. Is there a difference in toslink cables? This monster toslink was purchased back in 1997 when I first bought the Onkyo receiver. Would upgrading the toslink make another difference in the sound?

Thank you Scott McGowan for this introduction to audiophile!


I did experience a difference from a cheapo Amazon optical toslink cable to another Amazon optical toslink cable that claimed being made of glass. The improvement was not subtle. Replaced all my toslinks after that.

This was the one. And yes, on the Sprout and other devices.

3 Ft Toslink Glass Digital Audio - Highest Quality Cable

Thanks @quintanilla!

I have been doing research on toslink cables, though much of it is coax vs toslink and I did come across these very cables on Amazon. It is great to hear someone’s first hand experience with the glass toslinks here on the forum.

I will be trying them out very soon.

I will say, everyday I am more and more impressed by how the Spout 100 makes my Paradigms sing!