Will jRiver, Whitebear, LMS, and Dirac Live communicate and work together?



I’m not sure if anyone else uses these programs but I’m hoping so!

I’m trying to puzzle out the relationships between these programs and if they will all work together. I’ve read one needs Whitebear to make jRiver and Squeezebox communicate and work together. I also know that jRiver and Dirac Live work and communicate together.

So my question is that if I use jRiver to play my music files and Dirac Live to process the room tuning settings on the fly will using Whitebear send the jRiver/Dirac modified files to play through LMS?

Or does Whitebear just allow jRiver to select the files which are then played back through LMS which means jRiver and Dirac Live have no influence on the sound quality?

Hope I said it all correctly.