Will Paul send live from Chicago on Facebook?

Will Paul send live from Chicago on Facebook?
We use a Sony S7 it’s as nice as PS equipment lol hehe

Come on, Paul
Here are a few photos of the local nerds who have developed our method of getting a proper sound when we send … lol

I’ll likely record a video for everyone but not live. I wouldn’t even know how.

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It’s easy on your phone it can send directly to facebook

You have a very good marketing department. I want to make a bet with them that if you do it properly and it’s easy. so have at least 5,000 people who are looking into the big world. That means something Paul. Come on, you can do it

Paul - Chick Corea usually sends live on facebook when he makes a sound test. Sign up on his page so the cam you experience this live …

You will soon open a new factory - you will hopefully send live to all your followings on facebook, etc.

Here you use drone, and you can also send live.
You boast that the world’s best soundman moves into your factory as well, he must make sound ready to send live … think of any options you have we are completely envious here in our small company. (So you’ve got a high-quality Youtube in high quality, and so on)
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Did you mean AXPONA? I don’t go because I am disabled. I know Wheelchair can get in there but so many people just too difficult. I would love to meet MR. McGowan. I have talked to him many times on phone and internet. To me he is a genius how he built a small company that Thrives. I mean it is not like everyone needs this stuff but he has attracted enough of the base of people that want it. I think that is brilliant. Plus in many regards they should be a model for all other small companies. They really care about each individual piece. Try that with one of the big name consumer audio companies. Heck, ask to speak to the CEO lol.

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