Will the balanced output on the DMP to my SSP yield yield better fidelity than Coax?

Hi guys and gals. I have a DMP which I LOVE and listen to it via two sources - one via the I2S connection to my DSD with balanced cables out to my preamp. The other source is my Lyngdorf MP-60 connected via Coaxial. So my question is: should I expect a SQ improvement by using instead the balanced output on the DMP to auxiliary in in the SSP. And assume in this case the one output functions as a coaxial and delivers stereo. :slight_smile: :pray:t2:

I havenโ€™t found that balanced out in digital AES/EBU standard, vs. the coaxial output S/PDIF format makes a lot of difference. The I2S output does, but between coax and balanced which have the same signal, itโ€™s more down to the quality of cables than the format. Worth trying though, it will be different.

Thanks Paul;

Good to know, but what about via HDMI? Iโ€™ve got plenty of available inputs in my MP-60 so might that deliver a better experience?

As an aside, I thought youโ€™d appreciate seeing this photo I grabbed from the REL FB page which prominently features what appears to be a solid array of all PS AUDIO gear! Great looking system, huh?


Bob Furstenberg



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