Windom: Installation/Technical Problems

For those at least using a Windoze source, have you checked the USB suspend setting in your power options to make sure it’s disabled (allows Windows to put individual ports to sleep as it THINKS is needed)? Especially since lately Windows updates has been realy screwing with a lot of settings upon installation.

Checked and USB is set to Always On when plugged in. I’ve also been using the same inexpensive USB cable for years with zero issues, so I doubt it’s the cable. What changed after the Snowmass 3.0 version that might be causing this? That’s where I am focusing right now. Everything else remains the same.

I will add, with Windom installed USB version on the screen shows 01.02 and with the others it’s 00.33. Not sure what that means though. Possible clue, I have no idea?

So I also read that in Snowmass 3.06 the PIC was changed so the USB would play nice with Linux. Could this be part of this issue?

I just changed that setting @tak1313.

Hopefully that will do it. I’ll try things out over the next couple of weeks to see if that fixes it.

Thanks for the suggestion. It makes sense and may just work. We’ll see.

Hi @capzark1

I did start experiencing USB problems back at that version of snowmass. I forgot about that. Thanks for the reminder. I remember that I stayed on version of snowmass prior to the release to “fix” USB issues for Linux because of that problem.

Let’s hope that the engineers at PSA can get this figured out.

Yah, you gotta love software - fix one thing and screw up another.

Easy peasy as long as one doesn’t lose the SDHC card. Just compare a firmware flash to installing and dialing in a Shibata style MC cartridge on a Unipivot arm!

I’m somewhat new to “hifi” audio so it really blows my mind that the same firmware can produce exact opposite results on different systems. For me Window is less bright, less grainy, less digital, less fatiguing, less exaggerated stereo image, more dynamic, more smooth, more 3D, and much more musical. I’ve been testing it out mostly with a Mytek Manhattan II headphone amp and Audeze LCD-XCs (the BHKs and Focals are in storage). Anyway, I’m curious how you can end up up with it sounding more bright, harsh or artificial if not a bad load?


The issue is that there are a million other different variables.

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I would not be surprised it is caused by bad loads, but those could be hard to identify since there is no guaranteed recipe to get a good load.
I read that one person on this forum tried to get a good one for like 35 attempts.
So, I can see how a person would load older firmware, load Windom, reboot, and think that he got it, when in fact he may still be stuck with a bad one.

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And that is the rub, no-one appears to know how to confirm a “correct” load. FOMO is real with DSsnr / jr.

Nothing has changed with loads for many releases (which is it’s own problem) but only now is there this much FOMO/FUD.

Doing exactly the same thing over and over isn’t likely to get a different result. Going from, say, Snowmass to Windom, and then (if needed) from, say Huron (or Yale) to Windom is much more likely to be enough than going from S to W to S to W to S to W…


Clarification: I remember that the person on this forum who tried to get a good load for like 35 attempts did not repeat the same procedure over and over again: he was alternating with various older firmware versions.
His comment should be found in the previous thread before it was split in two.

Yes. I agree. I went Yale to Windom and just played music until it settled and I am MORE than happy. I don’t see the need for all the permutations of code! But if folks are struggling, it’s all they can do is sample all flavours.

Do I understand correctly that all the data on the data screen can read as it should, firmware version, FPGA number, etc., but the download can still be incomplete or corrupted?

AFAIK a bad load doesn’t imply that the download is corrupted or incomplete. It’s that the content of the flash memory is corrupted but the code can be fine, e.g. configuration parameters, etc. might be bad. In general you’ll get an error when you boot if the boot images are corrupted, in particular the FPGA won’t load if it’s corrupted and you’ll definitely get an error if that happens.


I don’t remember that post, could you point it out?

So how can people say that Windom sounds not as good with the first download, but better after going back and forth, ie from Yale to Windom?

I don’t understand your question. My hypothesis is that:

There are at least three things we might be talking about:

A small percentage of people (but many more on the DS Jr) have a corrupted flash. Doing an upgrade (that changes the version numbers) from that state has a small chance of not sounding good because the load didn’t upgrade/fix all of the parameters in flash. Now the flash is in a different state and doing another downgrade/upgrade may fix those parameters. Doing it from a different older OS is much more likely to fix things than repeatedly going back to the same old OS and back.

I don’t know of a case where (if the version numbers change as expected on each load) you need to do this more than a couple of times.

BUT if you don’t check the version numbers each time you may well have a corrupted USB stick or SD card that needs formatted and reloaded with the distribution files. In that case you can try to update forever and nothing will change till the card gets formatted and reinitialized with the download files.

The failed upgrades (i.e. where the version numbers don’t change) on the DS Sr seems to always be a corrupted SD card that needs formatted (or chkdsk fixed) and then have the upgrade files put in the root of the SD card.

The DS Jr has another problem that causes the upgrades to fail - and unfortunately that problem seems to get worse the longer it’s been since a successful upgrade. Getting an upgrade that changes the version numbers on the DS Jr can be frustrating, but once the version numbers change you’ll probably be fine for a while if you upgrade and downgrade for A/Bing purposes.

I don’t want to bug you on this, Ted. I’m just curious why one would have to do the download more than once if the version numbers change as expected. Just curious.
And let me add that, in my case, Windom sounds better after going from Yale to Windom than from Snowmass. And I’m perfectly willing to accept that it is just my imagination.

After a long reading into the old thread, I finally found it: