Wireless Speakers and Sprout

I just became a new Sprout community member, purchasing my unit over Thanksgiving. I want to use Sprout in a multi-room speaker configuration. I want to use wireless speakers, however, I am not sure how i can incorporate wireless. My Sprout will be located in my family room and I want to add speakers to my living room, and when the weather turns warmer, to my deck.

Can anyone share recommendations for speakers and likely set up?

Thanks in advance for your suggestions.


Hello Philsimon54, thanks for writing. Sprout has three output varieties. Full-power, which are the binding-posts for your wired loudspeakers, Line-Level, which are the analog outputs to make Sprout a preamp, and the headphone output on the front. Sprout’s wireless capability is over bluetooth, however it is in the slave capacity which means Sprout receives a signal but does not transmit a signal.

Can you send me the make and model of your wireless speakers? I will do some research and see if we can get you set up.



Hi, Scott. Thanks for the reply. It’s a basic question, I know. I’ve been reading the Forum posts about speakers (I haven’t yet purchased them) and read about the new ELAC Debut B6s. The descriptions sound great. Also, I liked the Audioengine A5+ and the fact that Audioengine has the wireless adapters for passive speakers that turn them wireless.

Bookshelf speakers are what i need for now, but do want a quality speaker in the no more than $500-700 range.

Thanks in advance for your insights.



Why not try Fluance Fi50, it has two-way driver design with a tweeter mounted in the center of a 5-inch woofer. reference for specs:wirelessspeakers.com