2 amps, 1 pair of speakers

Hi all, first off thanks for reading/responding. I recently received my Sprout and wanted to try and integrate it into my 5.1 system to use just for my music listening. My L and R speakers have connectors for 2 pairs of speaker wires with a bridge between the connectors…so i first tried to hook up my Sprout to one pair of the connectors and then the AVR to the other pair thinking I could just turn off the AVR when enjoying the Sprout BUT that resulted in a loud clicking noise so I disconnected the AVR and the clicking went away. Problem is now that the L&R speakers aren’t hooked up to the 5.1 system and it is obviously lacking in performance for TV/Movies. I tried searching for some sort of selector but just kept finding Speaker Selectors that seem to only work with 1 amplifier. Any suggestions on how I can enjoy my Sprout in this type of setup would be greatly appreciated.

My AVR is a Pioneer VSX-52 and my speakers are the Klipsch WF-34.

I don’t know if there is a solution to your issue (maybe using an audio out from your AVR to the analog audio in on the Sprout, although volume will need to be set the same way to maintain proper balance) but the reason speakers sometimes have two sets of inputs if to permit bi-wiring (two sets of speaker cables from the same amp) or bi-amping (different amps connected to the respective inputs, as you did) but you need to understand one set of inputs is for treble/midrange and the other for the bass. They don’t both drive the entire speaker (although they would if you left the bridge between the two inputs, but I suspect that would cause other problems).

what you need to do is use a speaker switch to select either the sprout or the AVR.

like this https://www.gearslutz.com/board/newbie-audio-engineering-production-question-zone/956840-how-do-i-build-b-switch-speakers.html

or google for one you can buy off eBay maybe. I DIY my own and make sure that both the terminals are switched (no common negative just to ensure no amp to amp connectivity

This is one I built as a custom for a forum user here in Singapore. Over engineered but will last many years for sure. You can use it as 2 amps 1 speaker set or the other way as 1 amp 2 speakers. I built a 3:2 / 2:3 way on for A/B/C testing more complex than you need but much better quality than you will find on the likes of eBay etc.