Wireworld eclipse XLR

Hi all
I have been experimenting going direct w the DS to my sunfire signature amp. I am thinking of getting some wireworld eclipse 8 xlrs.
I have this speaker cable to my Maggie 20.7.

I am replacing king cobra AQ rcas.
Couple questions.
The sunfire +/~ is flipped compared to the DS. I assume just changing the DS phase would fix this
Anyone heard these xlrs?
Any opinion on sound direction? The sunfire xlrs have never been used nor have the DS. Any break in related items?

Thanks in advance. Tim.

Well I ordered a pair. Will report back

So I got the cables - wireworld eclipse 8. Just breaking in but sound fantastic out of the box. They seem very extended in both lows and highs with very clear mids. Voices have more depth.

Let me ask about break in not only the cable but my amp and DS. I’ve never used the balanced connections in my amp or DS. Do we think there is any break in there as well? Thanks.

I have Wireworld Eclipse in my system and It takes at least 100 hours for the cable to break in for a noticeable change. 200 hours for it to really settle in.

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Thanks audioP…

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So let me ask. If I have a tune on pause and everything fired up does this help w breakin? I seem to be hearing really good things after leaving system in this mode for 96 hrs while out of town.

i wouldn’t think so since there is no signal going through the interconnect.