Work my regenerator P3


I appeal to you for help for the second time. The first time I had a problem with the network settings. Your engineers told me to take my regenerator authorized dealer. The problem is my dealer decided. Regenerator was tested and the conclusion of service engineers is fully OK. I have firmware 0.15 regenerator.

I have more questions to your engineers. I noticed this feature regenerator. On its printed circuit board has four LEDs. When the regenerator is its self-test. In this self-test light first indicator, the second indicator, run fans and lights up the third indicator for a short period of time. Fans stopped whirling, the third indicator goes out.

So I have a question. When using a heat exchanger I connect to it the power amplifiers. After 20-30 minutes I will light the third indicator. BUT! Fans do not rotate! Whenever I blow on them with force, so they begin to slowly rotate. Then rotate on and off together with the third indicator on the board.

I also noticed that the fans do not rotate at the same time, two at once, and is only one of them (upper or lower). Self-test they rotate both.

I have a question? This is normal operation of the working regenerator or not?

It appears to be working just fine.

The fan speed varies with temperature. At the lowest speed, the fans will usually run if they are already turning but may not have enough power to get going from a dead stop. Each fan is a little different so sometimes one will start and the other won’t.

When the P3 is delivering more power and gets warmer, the power to the fan is increased and both will turn consistently like they do during the test sequence.

Firmware regenerator set the minimum fan speed regenerator. In the process of temperature rise - growing increase voltage and / or current that is supplied to the fan. Therefore, it turns the fan speed control up or down. Briefly.

Your P3 is working correctly. Enjoy its benefits, as we all do.