Why does PowerPlay show odd readouts for my P3?

Well, I’m on a roll of good luck at the moment. My P3 has been repaired and is now quieter than a mouse. And a dead mouse at that. Although, I am seeing a whacky behavior with it. The repaired P3 runs much warmer than the noisy one, and the system idle current (power) is now 300 watts, whereas previously it was 100 watts. Now explain me that.

Have a look at my PowerPlay data. Noisy P3, normal system idle current = 100 watts (see on the chart, before 4am). Then for some unknown reason the power demand goes up to 300 watts at 4am. My system was not switched on then, nor even close to it. The P3 was repaired at 12pm and then briefly tested, and I did an I/O voltage calibration (only required a small adjustment). Repaired P3/system put back in STBY at 1pm and the new status quo idle current is now 300 watts. It doesn’t make any sense.

Oh, I’d add the new regenerator board is an F version, the replaced regenerator was an E version. Apart from changing the regenerator board earth wire colour to make it code compliant I don’t see any other changes. Difficult to account for the increased heat output and idle current.

Despite it running warmer and sucking up more power, I far prefer that to the loud buzzing noise of the cooler running old one.