World’s Most Expensive $5 Million Speaker

Kinda wishing I could do that at the moment. Just yesterday manged to FOLD OVER one of my Icono XLRs😳 Maybe if I pull lampcord apart lengthwise so I have single strands, I could just braid them into XLRs. Could do up all my systems and studio for the cost of one 5’ Icono.

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Ouch. That was an expensive FUBAR. You could watch for a sale at WalMart and maybe make up for the whoops.

I assume it is like CAT cable in that if you exceed the maximum bend radius, you compromise the performance with regard to spec. Since it is all about the weave. I straightened it out and swapped them, and still not sure what effect it had. It didn’t seem to move with the swap. But I’ve been doing lots and lots of swapping/combinations of everything recently, so sometimes hard to tell what’s what.

Hope you dodged that bullet…

Thanks. Going to be hard not to be “listening askance at it”. Should prolly try to do some sort of testing of it. I’m imagining I’m hearing some imaging “confusion” in the mids/highs between the channels, which might make sense if the timing was affected. And wouldn’t necessarily change that much with a L/R swap. But that’s just what I imagine because I know what I did to it. Hard not to. Just have to sort out if it is as hard as 500 clams.

I have a pair of not currently using XLR’s if you want to give them a try. I wont need them for a week or three as they are for my newest system that is still waiting for a piece of kit or two.

5’ OFE?

(additional text so the Forum will let me post the above)

I’ll have to look as I honestly don’t remember the length or alloy.
We will be at that house for a few minutes today to check on it. If my old brain can remember I will take a look and advise.

No worries. That is kind of you though. Frankly this is a new config, as I’m trying to optimize my TT rigs/playback for some alpha work. I don’t have any long Icono XLRs, but the speaker cables are longer than necessary, so I moved the amp close enough to do an Icono full loom thing between the SPP-ARC-Vitus-Harbys. Unsurprisingly - surprisingly great :tipping_hand_man:t2:

Almost lampcord-level-great, and that is sayin’ something. (won’t say what it’s sayin’ :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:)

I do think these may be the world’s most expensive $500 cables though… :thinking:

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Luckily, you aren’t sure, have to try to hear a difference.
How many beers or glasses of wine before you really don’t care?

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Sadly, OTW. Well, not sadly. But as far as this goes, I’m not availing myself of that option currently. :man_shrugging:t2:

Hmmm . . . “5’ OFE?” should be sufficient for the Forum as an adequate number of characters.

I tweaked the settings. Please try this post again when you have a moment.

I know the minimum character requirement can occasionally drive posters a bit batty.

Nope - still gives me this, and when I click OK, I’m back where I started.

Be cool if there was a “Yes” option.

Some “rich dude” will fall for these…and will be quite the poorer for it! :grin

Bet they have a very rounded left-right roundhouse combination punch to them!! :grinning: :grin: :innocent:

Best wishes

The initials D.T. come to mind. Not sure that he has the cash, but definitely his taste.

Perfect for the Throne Room.


I agree, a simple “Y” would be perfect.

I will keep trying . . .

I have these XLR’s:
1 pair 3’ TPC
1 pair 4’ OCC
1 pair 5’ OCC
You are welcome to use whichever set fits your needs as a test and send them back when you are done.


Exceedingly kind

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For the time being all I am doing is keeping them climate controlled and waiting to be used.