Uglier speaker for USD30k?

This came in my morning email dump. Has anyone seen an uglier speaker for 30k? Or 20? Or 10?…

(BTW the list is USD45k, but who’s counting?)

I love the classic wooden box Tannoy look (having the Kensingtons myself), but where did they go off the rails? Seriously.

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I do like the old Tannoys - but that’s a bit rubbish - looks like a portable air-conditioner or a dehumidifier (dependent on where in the world one is) :slight_smile:


I had similar thoughts when I saw that on Upscale’s website a couple days ago. Looks like they decided to resurrect the styling cues from 1970’s Kustom guitar amplifiers in a more upscale manner.

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Or as @joma0711 pointed out, an upscale dehumidifier.

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To make his worse. That’s not for the pair but priced or each! So ~$60k for the pair ~$90k list). And NOW I’m counting!!!

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OMG. I didn’t read the details after marveling at the singular ugliness.

Yeah 90k total is 90k too high

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Given my hearing probably drops off above 15kHz they should do a super-tweeter-less version for cheaper :smiley:

96 dB/W sensitivity and 1,200 W peak-power handling.

Might come in handy for crowd control or pealing paint.

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Looks a lot like an Aurora HG High Security Paper Shredder!


Hope it doesn’t make the same sound.


Put a blue, five gallon water bottle on top to complete the look. A blue and a white spigot on the front.



I think they look OK without the covers…prefer their wood finishes though…


The taste is different and I can say that my taste is so that I don’t think that I’m ever gonna buy a one colored main speaker since I want wood finish no matter the cost.

Nah, it’s gorgeous in a sci-fi black behemoth kind of way! I bet up close the finish is sumptuous and the sound is amazeballs.

I have heard that the Daleks love these speakers

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True dat.

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I can hear in the distance


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I am with you. This speaker looked gorgeous in the flesh and sounded amazing. It beat many speakers out there including the Wilson Audio Alexia. It presented a huge sound stage rich with tonal colour & very musical. I had the same negative initial impression like many here until I heard & saw it in real, that changed everything.

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