Aspen FR30 on the list

No relative comparisons, essentially all written up as great


With the number of years Anthony has been a reviewer he has likely owned and/or listened to more “high end” speakers than any of us. Likely has a number of them in house as part of his collection. Not his style to pit one against the other in his reviews. The fact that he bought them is an endorsement. He also stresses that you make sure your room will handle them which is why PSA has three similar models all scaled to a particular room size. Chris knows that one speaker will not fit all room sizes and environments, Some companies like Acora Acoustics even give you a guide for room size for each one of their speakers. None of the others at the FR-30’s performance level let you try them in your home for 30 days no questions asked.


I have some very strong favorite loudspeakers I have experienced. The Aspens are on my favorites list. I won’t be swapping my Vivids for them, but I will still share my appreciation for both the FR30 and FR20.


One of the “relative compaisons” in his review:

“the FR30’s midrange and high-frequency sound quality was the best I’ve heard from any speaker to date.”


I fully agree.


I got FR20’s about a month ago and that statement above is so true. It is a significant improvement from my old Vandersteen’s. Not surprising for a 25 year old design …