Worst digital recording / A shame....... your pick

Pick just ONE!!!


1 - The recording must be an awful, full DDD recording… showing that either the tech or the engineering was incompetent.
2 - Must be an established artist… something where the folks involved should have “known better”
3 - If the above are true, then it should qualify as a real shame

My Pick: Stevie Wonder, In a Square Circle, Part Time Lover, 1985

What a stinking shame… a masterpiece packaged in barbed wire… if you want to play something to demonstrate the badness of digital for folks, play this one tune. No great DAC will polish this jagged turd.

Paul: TONE CONTROLS please!!! These things are for more than just the aged. Can’t you just solder in a switch with a low-pass filter to take the edge off of these things? The high frequency characteristics of bad digital should be similar… call it a “digital crap remover switch”.

Bruce in Philly

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