Would this work just as well?


I’ve slowly, mysteriously, moved the network router over within reach of my system, so that I can connect the system up directly to it. Of course. For my PS network-connected audio gear.

Now I’ve got 4 network (Ethernet) cables snaking around the racks and going into and out of the simple Netgear router. It occurs to me that I could have all of the Ethernet cables going into something like a Netgear GS308 and connect that up to the router with one single cable. It’d make for a much tidier situation.

Soliciting opinions about whether this is the intended use of something like that.


I read a bit more around the web and bought one.


It may be time for a small investment on a powerline transmitter/receiver.


Goodmorning Dan,

I’ll tell you what I have done:

Since I live next to an office environment I have a dedicated fiber for audio. I stream a lot from Qobuz using Roon or Audirvana.
On that line I have a router (also called modem) in my hallway closet where all other gas, light and water stuff is. Since there is a switch in that router I hooked up a wifi access point that covers my iPhone and iPad stuff. Also the Roon server is connected to that router/modem. Finally there is a single CAT6 wire from that closet to my music rack in the living room. There that line is terminated in a (second) switch thru a medical grade ethernet filter device. That switch has it’s own nice, clean, non switching power supply. On that switch are all my music devices. I did spend, let’s say “some extra money” on that ethernet cable and the patch cords in the music rack. Not crazy money but just enough to have the good stuff. You can see that second (local) switch as a (sorta) reclocker that creates its own collision domain.
Hope this helps,

P.S. As we speak I am considering to sell my (HP DL380 G7 mucho overkill) server and buy me a nice silent non fanned NUC and put that in my music rack so it can join that collision domain. But that is still in the works. Besides, the server as far is Roon goes, does nothing with the music itself, so it realy doesn’t matter where it sits.


Can you provide the model of the medical grade filter? And what model switch did you get, that used a non-switching power supply?


Of course Dan,

Here’s the isolator. Since I am in Europe I ordered it from Germany. I’m sure you’ll find your way:

The switch is just an ordinary (SILENT) Linksys (or Cisco presently) like:

Then there is the power supply:


Hope this helps…


Many thanks.