WOW songs: post your favorite Krall, Barber, etc

When someone comes into your listening space, and asks you to blow their hair back, what’s your go to? It’s more about them and their enjoyment, than it is about you and your personal taste in this scenario. Ideally, this song would be on Qobuz.

A starter from my own experiences entertaining (you can find it on Qobuz):

Yosi Horikawa - Bubbles

Have a great weekend, you bunch of audio whack-jobs! :nerd_face:


Dazed and confused at hi volume works for me. :grin:


Gonna go ahead and give ya the solution check, Baldy. :exploding_head:

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French Ye-ye anybody? Cool stuff. Look for Laisse tomber les filles

Okay, no one has ever asked me to “Blow their hair back.” It’s not something I’ve done since my 'twenties to be honest.

When I want to showcase my system, or evaluate a system, I find one disc that really reveals how great a system actually is, Duke Ellington Orchestra “Indigos,” stereo, but mono tells me a lot too.


You seem to catch my drift just fine. This isn’t about volume, duder.

…actually, maybe not. “Blow your hair back” is not about that one song you use to find good and bad like some kind of audio scientist (though I have that, too, mine is Dire Straits Money), but rather something that just sounds awesome for friends. I’d love to hear that album on your system!


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Blow their hair back … I’m having a flashback of the Maxwell tape commercial. If commercials can achieve cult status, there’s one for ya. For those who want fireworks, I’ll whip out my favorite group Flim & the BB’s. Take your pick. Tricycle at the highest volume I dare gets the hair blown back and the pants flapping.

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This would knock off some socks :grin:


Cool. I’m just not a rock guy any longer. Playing in bars and having frat guys puke on your drum set (not once, but two separate occasions) were the beginning of the end for me of listening to rock. I’ve been a jazz, classical and Brazilian music guy since the 'eighties.

And my systems needs and sounds are very different since I stopped playing rock through them!

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Ironically, wasn’t it Duke Ellington who said “It’s all rock n roll”? Was it Bird?

edit: So sorry about your drums! I played drums and went to music school.

Which version? Studio, live, BBC?

I like Fresh Garbage or Gramophone Man from the first Spirit album, Machine Messiah from Yes’ Drama album, or 1983: A Merman I should Be from Electric Ladyland.

One of my favorite songs from Diana Krall for demos of my system is “Peel Me A Grape” from the album “Love Scenes”. Well recorded and a good performance.


I don’t recollect hearing this. . . from either Ellington or Bird!

Any one works for me.


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There’s a great Mosaic set of it.

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Not sure how many of those demo track threads we already have…and you maybe should have left out those examples of Barber, Krall to not prevent some from posting :wink:

But here we go (non classical and mostly non analog versions for now, although several were recorded analog):

The Bubbles track is really strange, my wife is also always fascinated by it, but I usually avoid to play too technical/test signal orientated tracks for normals.

This is to show nice music with a big, ambient soundscape, a lot going on on the soundstage and deep, non superficial bass:

This is to show holographic, touchable sound:

This is to show prat and dynamics in opposite to dynamic range:

This is to show prat in terms of rhythmic finesse of a singer (she does it fantastically):

This to show dynamics, room ambiance and natural sound of drums (the vinyl of this one beats the digital easily, but the digital is still great):

This to show the need of a good setup to make normal music sound fascinating (most will have a flooring experience listening to the same track at home) and to show the difference of digital/analog and different masterings. The Analogue Productions (AP) SACD sounds intimate, ambient and emotional already on a good setup, but just normal and unspectacular on an average one. The same AP 45 RPM vinyl has more air and atmosphere, strengthening the fascination of this piece. The Classic Records Grundman mastering on 45 RPM then beats both by far and drags you in an enveloping way into the set.

This to show how sounds can make you think you’re on drugs:

This one to show how great tracks, everyone loves, can sound marvelous and lifelike:


What a great post, @jazznut. Thank you for taking the time. I will spend some time on it.

Curious why your wife finds that Bubbles track “puzzling”. Anyway, I think it shows good imaging with the bouncing balls that seem to change directions, etc.

…and this will surely not be the last of such threads. And maybe “Demo” should be replaced with WOW in the topic.