Wyred4Sound Streamer Vs Innous Streamers

has anyone used the Wyred4Sound Streamer with PS Audio DAC Sr ? I listened to it at the CAS show recently and was very impressed with it has anyone compared the Wyred4sound Streamer to the Innous Zen Mk3 besides John Darko.

I have been using the wyred 4 sound streamer for a few weeks now and am very happy with it. Been meaning to post a bit about it, but just working too much to take much time. The I2s output is a big bonus over the innuos, and is one of the reasons I went that route. I have not heard any of the innous though.

would say it is better than or comparable to Bridge 2 ? I was very impressed with the Wyread4Sound Streamer at the California audio show , yes that is certainly a bonus to have I2s out put how does sound with the DS sr. do you get true DSD , DOP

I have no comparison to the Bridge 2, unfortunately. Although, I think it is probably a safe bet that it is(based on the numerous posts/comments I have read about the Bridge 2. Sadly, I’m still a pretty unsophisticated user, and I have only used it as a roon core streaming from tidal to my DS Sr. In this regard, I can tell you that it is certainly better than an MSI gaming laptop to microrendu to matrix spdif 2 to the DS Sr. (across the board performance improvement).

One thing I did play with(albeit by accident for a bit) was running the laptop as a roon core running to the MS1 as a steamer. That was still much better than the microrendu/matrix 2, but was thinner and perhaps a bit too analytical(i’m still working out my audiophile vocab)? This is not surprising, but was nice to confirm. I recall Darko mentioning that he preferred the sound of the MS1 running as a roon core internally sending a signal to the streamer portion than using his nucleus running to the MS1 streamer. It’as actually one of the reasons I opted for the one box solution (I was about to pull the trigger on a sonictransporter i5 with an Aries G1)

That is a very good write up , I did listen to it at the California Audio Show it was very well liked by people at the show , How ever i finally opted for the Bridge 2 that I purchased for a PS audio member since I dont rip CD’s I think ithe bridge 2 suffice for now as this technology continues to change and I am pretty happy with the results I am getting with my DSsr

Anybody else tried the W4S with the DSD Snr?

The i2S output is very interesting - I wonder how it compares to the Matrix implementation.

I’m surprised more people haven’t tried the ms1

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I was thinking the same thing.

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Darko says:

Where EJ Sarmento’s design kicks goals is on sound quality when direct-connected to a DAC via USB, TOSLINK and especially coaxial and I2S.

So if you want I2S, I suppose that trumps everything.

The Innuos only has two outputs, usb and ethernet. Both highly optimised with their own low noise power supplies. I use the ethernet output and the quality seems superb. It also means it does not have to sit near the stereo. My Innuos is in my office on another floor of the house, with a direct connection to my streamer (fibre optic, converted to CAT6a at either end).

The W4S is quite a lot more expensive and I can find nothing about its power supply, which is one of the fundamental features of the Innuos. (Innuos Mini = optional external LPS, Zen = 2 internal LPS, Zenith = 3 internal LPS, Statement = 8 LPS in a separate box). The Innuos also has a high quality mains filter.

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