Yale Final Released

Ok guys and gals, DirectStream Yale, the final version, is now live and ready for prime time. Go to our Downloads site and have at it.

Please remember it is a zipped file. You need to first unzip the contents, then load them onto a clean SD card before placing in DirectStream. Make sure the gold pins face up. Turn the rear panel power switch off then back on again. It should take a little less than a minute to load, the front panel PS logo button will flash as it’s loading. If you’ve not performed an operating system upgrade on DirectStream you can view this video instruction set here.

From an earlier post, I copied my impressions. Let’s start a new thread on Yale Final and retire Yale Beta to the archives.

When Arnie called me yesterday he was giddy. "This version sounds as much better as Pikes vs. Yale Beta did – it's amazing." I didn't quite believe him, as Arnie gets as excited as the rest of us when he finds something amazing, but after listening to all 20 versions Ted sent him, he was simply beside himself with the one version, 9114.
Late yesterday I had about 5 minutes to listen as Terri had me on schedule to cook dinner for guests last night and had I been late… tmi_gif I had a new pair of BHK monos burning in for a reviewer, the first to get anything to review (and no, I cannot say who this fellow is), and I played DirectStream through bridge II and loved the sound. It was really singing and, you know the drill… "there's no fricking way this is going to sound better, my god, it's amazing as it is!" Turned the DAC off, slipped the card in the back, power cycled it and played the same track once again. No warm up, no burning in, just 'here we go'.

F**K!” is all I could say, and I said it out loud to nobody. Sorry, don’t mean to use offensive language, but that’s exactly what I said – and spent the next 15 minutes amazed – and eventually late for our guests and got Terri’s stink eye because of it.
Frankly, I cannot better describe my reaction to Yale Final vs. Yale Beta. That one word sums all my thoughts up.
Sigh. blush_gif