Direct stream and BHK

[Note to administrator, I have posted this to both the BHK beta testers thread and the Directstream thread since it equally applies to both]

With the introduction of the Yale system to the Directstream DAC (Ted and Paul, you did it again-just like getting a new and improved DAC!) and the continual, albeit subtle, improvement of the BHK with use (which just adds to the incredible performance of the amp), I find my head spinning as I listen to the music and try to mentally assign the noticable improvement in the various aspects of the sound quality to one or both of the units. However, I find that difficult. For example, is the improved clarity, quietness, transient response, and soundstaging (I could go on) due to the improved performance of the DAC (if so, which update?) or the BHK (new or broken in?). However this distracts me from my enjoyment of the music and I am now in the process trying to block out these considerations out as I concentrate solely on the music which I am enjoying as never before.

Is anybody else going through this (let’s call it a high class problem)? If so I invite your comments.

P.S. Of course I could add my P10, power cables and interconnects to the mix, which would just add to the confusion.

Yes. I also recently (pre Yale Final) upgraded my speaker cables to Belden Iconoclast TPC, just to further muddy the waters. None of the changes (BHK, Yale, cables) were made at the same time so I’ confident that they each made substantial improvements, especially the BHK. All this was going on while I was also beta testing Bridge II. As for future changes with break-in, that’s probably largely lost in the mix and I don’t really care. My system sounds the best it ever has and that’s what’s important to me. At his point I’m pretty much done with the beta testing and comparisons (at least until I get my new Iconoclast interconnects–it never really ends) and I’m ju8st focusing on the music. Or, rather, just letting the music play and not thinking too much about it.