Yale USB input

I got the DS only recently and when it arrived i upgraded it straight to Yale and have been enjoying it ever since. most of my listening is through the USB input connected to iPad playing spotify (through the lightning camera adapter). tonight i rolled back to pikes peak to test how it sounds but the iPad connection wouldn’t work! (says the DS usb uses too much power). it is surprising that iPad compatibility only came with Yale! i wonder what changed in yale to make this feature possible

The changes in Yale were changing the power required by the DAC to 0 mA, and changing it to a self powered devvice.


Thanks dennis

seems like a basic feature, why wait until yale to implement this feature?

It was an oversight on my part, and nobody complained until after Pikes Peak was already released.


Lost this feature again with snowmass, dennis please assist!

Dennis left the company some time ago. Others have taken over his duties.

I’m pretty sure this isn’t your problem, we’re still using the same USB driver and XMOS code we were then - they haven’t changed for a number of releases.