DS gets stuck

After I reboot the DS, all is well. I can use either the remote or my old eLyric control point on my iPad to change inputs etc.

If I leave the DS set on the USB input for a certain amount of time (let’s say at least 12-15 hours, might be longer), whether or not music is constantly playing, I can’t do anything with the remote or the iPad. (eLyric on the latter looks like I’ve changed to the Bridge or the coax input, but nothing has really happened.) The USB input continues to work, but I can’t change to another without power cycling the DS.

I don’t know if this happens if I leave it on the Bridge or the coax input. (The Bridge won’t go the requisite amount of time without losing its connection or just deciding to take a vacation [yes, can’t get Bridge II soon enough] and I just never tried with coax, which I hardly ever use now.)

I’m running firmware 1.16. Perhaps relevant (or not) is the fact that I leave the display turned off unless I need it for something specifically, which is rare. Any ideas? I don’t like power cycling the DS unnecessarily.

Perhaps you could try 1.1.7 or 1.1.9 on the download page. I’m sure someone will chime in with the best options for you. Regarding your Bridge: I use Bridge 1 exclusively. PC (JRMC as controller), router to PLC from PC to PLC in listening room to DS/Bridge. Sometimes JR gives me, “Something happened and JR lost connection”. Also, sometimes, I have to reboot everything to get hooked back up. These things happen very rarely since I made my home network as robust as I could. The Bridge 2 supposed to play gapless and address some of the dropout issues.

I don’t think I will get the new Bridge. I think it will cost about $1K. Sometimes I can play my current setup for more than a week without any issues. At other times, like when I updated to the DS, I get a lot of dropouts. After a few day it became stable again so unless the new Bridge is about $100, or it can do other things that I would like, I wont be getting it.

I exaggerated a little about the Bridge; my experience is actually similar to yours. The Bridge can go several days just fine, then disconnect multiple times, then go back to working OK. Totally unpredictable as far as I can figure out. My goal at the moment is to keep piling the hours on the DS, and I find that if I go to bed and leave a long playlist for the Bridge, often only half of it gets played. So I’ve been using the USB input which doesn’t have that problem. Of course, once I hit the 500 hour mark and am not so concerned about breakin, then the Bridge will cooperate. But the Bridge does still sound a little better and I am, perversely, kind of fond of it. We’ll see how Bridge II works out; I’d rather not have to get a separate box like an Aries or Sonore Rendu.

Also, I almost never have to power cycle when the Bridge disconnects; usually I just restart the eLyric control point, or if that doesn’t work reset the upnp server from a web browser. That’s much better than having to use the power switch, which is always required when the USB input hangs.

I have a friend coming over on Sunday for a listening session. He’ll bring CDs. I just realized that I have very few hours on the coax input of the DS, so today I will put a CD on repeat and let it play all day (amps off . . . ). We’ll see whether I get the hangup there as I do with the USB input.

I have only had USB issues twice and both times it was a JRiver issue. Since I’ve changed to the latest release I’ve had no issues. I new it was JRiver because I could still send audio out to the DS with windows sound manager via playback devices.

I have no idea whether the player software, foobar in my case, can cause the DS to lock up and fail to respond to commands from the remote. I wouldn’t have thought so, but who knows. (Maybe Ted does.) I would like to solve this problem. Could it be firmware? I can try upgrading after my friend comes by on Sunday.

There is a fix in the firmware for the control processor that addresses something like you are talking about. There’s also a thread around talking about it. If I remember correctly it happens intermittently when a SD card is left in the slot on the back. When the control processor would get a write error it would wedge (but music keeps playing.) If the control processor is wedged be sure to mute your preamp before turning the DS off. (If you are plugged into your amps directly either unplug the interconnects from the DS to the amp or shut your amps off before you turn the DS off. Since it’s not a FPGA thing I don’t know more details, but upgrading to the most recent release from the download area will probably fix it.

Thanks, Ted. I do leave the SD card in place because I listen mainly through the Bridge. Of course, since I usually leave the screen turned off, the album art doesn’t do me a lot of good, but it’s reassuring to see it when the screen is lit. I’ll install new firmware after my upcoming listening session.