Issue after loading Yale with Antidpoes Music Server (DXe)

After loading Yale on my Direct Stream, my music server (Antipodes DXe which comes with USB audio output only) is unable to detect the DAC.

No problem after switching back to Pikes Peak.

Repeat for 3 times already and same outcome as above.

Seems like some incompatibility issue between the Yale firmware and the Antipodes music server.

Appreciate any advice to resolve.

My guess is the Antipodes does not output 5 volts on the VBUS line. Yale needs to see 5V on the VBUS line to connect.

Switched from 0V to 5V output on the Antipodes and problem solved. Thank you very much.

I have a DirectStream and an Antipodes DX, and have not had any issues–nor has a Big Name Reviewer who has a DS w/ Yale, used w/ an Antipodes DX. Elk is correct–and I’m glad your issue was resolved. Enjoy!


Be sure to let us know what you think of Yale after you get a chance to audition the changes in your system.