Directstream Yale anomaly.

A couple of days ago as an experiment brought from other DAC Hegel HD25, and installed instead of my cool Directstream. And to my strong surprise Hegel played significantly better than the DS, the sound is natural, smooth, and vital. The DS sound dirty, sharp, not musical. After two days of torture, why is my DS plays so bad. I put the firmware 1.21 and to my surprise the DS came to life, the sound began to play with colors, clarity, emotions. The sound Hegel on his background began to feel worse. Why Yale was so sound?

I think that Yale is not stable and may unnoticed break at any time.

Now I put Yale, the sound became more intense, more brutal, retaining all the beauty from 1.21, I like it.

Hope I don't become bad sound in the future.

It should not change. I think you’re fine.

Thank you, Paul.

From Russia with love.

YAMAD,I like the video,thanks…Anymore info on the music? 101_gif

Just had similar experience (not for the 1st time) - I had a feeling that my DS with Yale started to sound worse than usual. Tried Yale Beta and it sounded better, but not better how did i recall Yale Final when it was OK. So next step was to flash back the Yale Final and after two reboots (i got bridge freeze after few minutes after the firmware upgrade boot) the magic was back.

I think I red similar posts somewhere in the Yale* threads. I’m not 100% sure if this is for real or just some kind of self-suggestion, but to be sure i’m now putting DS firmware down/up-grade exercise on my troubleshooting list even before cleaning the contacts haha

interesting comments above! from my side I have not experienced any like that when I play other albums in my collection I haven’t heard in a long while the DS I think sounds amazing and the regular played albums have stayed the same no change in sound heard from one day to the next.

Those having changes in there sound could your interconnects do with a good clean? when was the last time they were polished :-)

For me it’s perfect only the odd USB thingy but really rare . I have many sets of headphones and 2 sets of speakers and I have gone through many many firmware changes always without any issue and alway S the expected sound as well . I may have my faves and comments that not all agree but I can say it always sounds fine .

But I did I have an odd issue with pike but a fresh download and install fixed it . You could try wiping the card clean and a fresh download too .

mark-d said YAMAD,I like the video,thanks...Anymore info on the music? 101_gif
Anymore info on the music? - I don't translate this. What did you mean?

Another one itwasntme_gif

Hello YAMAD. I was asking the name of the group or band performing and if the music is on cd for purchase…


Mark, you may prelisten this album in russian iTunes (change country to Russia), searching “бьянка музыка”. And if you like it, I may give to you this album in AIFF format (my CD copy).

Thank-you YAMAD. I did a google search. The woman calls herself “Bianca Music” in English. Thanks for your generous offer, but I do not want to take your cd copy…drinking-39_gif