Yamaha WXAD-10 Music Cast Streamer - Or should I use Bridge I - which app for Iphone?

Hi there!,

Please advise:

Anyone experience with this streamer; would like it for finding new music and listening to radio?
Will use it in my system with PSaudio DSDac (bridge 1- still not in use), PSAudio cdtransport, Krell 222 pre, Aragon 8008.
Interested in perceived sound quality, but that’s not main issue.

Additionally, would a direct network connection to my bridge, offer same or more as a separate streamer? I am afraid up till now I only read that the Bridge would work nice using a music server and is not really suitable for live streaming. As I am a total NOOB at streaming anyone who can advise please chime in. Note that I play vinyl and cd’s and I like streaming to find me new music or listen to radio.
And further to the above, If one can advise me to use the bridge instead, which app for Iphone can be used to get the bridge working - only using internet streaming sources.

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