Yet Another Sprout Setup

I bought the Sprout100 as a replacement for my Teac AI-101DA-B due to a number of issues; sporadic volume change between the remote and knob, sporadic delay over USB, the USB device driver only works at 24-bit 32kHz, and the 26W per channel wasn’t enough for my speakers.

I couldn’t find another replacement that fits on my desk and has all the features that I wanted until I saw the Sprout on Z-Reviews. (Shoutout to Zeos.)

The Sprout100 supports more inputs (vinyl) than the Teac, four times the output power over the Teac, headphone support with 1/4’ input, a working USB device driver, and US based support. I’m solded.

I have been listening all weekend and I love the new sound. :slightly_smiling_face:

Yeah, it’s a no-brainer for that application. Welcome to the PS Audio Community.

I thought so too. And thanks!

Cable management for anyone interested.