Is DSD256 available for purchase on the Octave Records all up sampled from DSD64 for existing titles?

If that’s true, then what’s the benefit for paying extra $10? Especially I’m using DirectStream DAC’s I2S input. DirectStream DAC does up sample 20 times (or more? I forgot) of DSD64 in the process.

Why should this be true? They record in DSD256. And I’m sure those recordings done in DSD64 are not available as DSD256.

DirectStream upsamples everything it receives so the question is more about the process than that.

What we have done is taken the original 64fs recordings we made and remastered them to 256fs. Yes, there is (like the DS) upsampling going on but there’s much more to the story (which is why the 256fs versions sound so much better than the original 64fs.

The remastering is done in real time. So imagine playing the DSD master on the best system you have and then resampling that output up to the higher sample rate. Because you’re essentially resampling analog it works.

Think about how the original masters were made. The 64fs DSD files were converted to analog, mixed on an analog board, then remastered back to 64fs. Our remastering process is doing pretty much the same thing sans the analog mixing board and sans the A/D conversion.

If you have a chance listen for yourself. The results speak volumes about why it works.


Oh that’s interesting l didn’t know that.

I understand it as doing the remastering on better equipment and capturing this in the highest quality available. To me this doesn’t mean it has anything of the information content of an original DSD256 recording, but it captures at least the remastering step on a higher level.

No, they recorded in DSD64 for the past recordings, unless I misunderstood something. That’s why I asked.

Yes, sorry, I wasn’t aware yet they meanwhile also offer the old ones on DSD256 level.

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Thank you for the explanation. I understood that it’s not a simple x4 up sample in the digital domain.
It is very interesting method, you (Octave Records) take extra effort to create the best DSD256 sound from the original DSD64 recorded master. It’s good to know.

And I’m looking forward to the native DSD256 recorded titles on Octave Records soon.

Hmm, Just checked the Octave Records webpage and DSD256 download option is disappeared now. Was it an illusion that I saw?

Which old recording did you find available remastered in DSD256?

Maybe it needs a little more info added there, so it doesn’t look as if all downloads are from the same mastering. In my perception terms and claims so far were used in a broad, rather marketing orientated way, which doesn’t harm unless folks think and ask too much. There’s nothing to hide so I think transparency will increase.

The downloads were broken. They are working on an issue.

Indeed and almost done. We had to go to real time processing which, for 23 albums (each an hour or so), takes at least that long plus the prep time etc.

Should be finished remastering them to DSD256 by the weekend. If you purchased any we will use the same SKU and download code so hang on to your code.


I have recently purchased 3 O.R. albums (in the past also several DSD64 which were fine):
Audiophile Masters Volume VI - $29 Download: DSD64
Audiophile Masters Volume V - $39 Download: DSD256
Audiophile Masters Volume III - $39 Download: DSD256

The DSD64 is fine. But both DSD256 are kind of “empty” - there is only silence :slight_smile:

I had no problem with download , also zip files were extracted without any issues. I can see the DFF files of seemingly correct sizes, they are playable, although there is only complete silence.
I have tried playback as usual via Roon , then PinePlayer locally on macbook .
Also tried to convert them first to DSF just for case, but it’s the same.

Looking into files via HexDump reveals there are data (apparently Pyramix metadata) actually only at beginning and end of the files.

I think my download links (or rather the files on server) must be corrupted - any idea how to get my downloads please? I sent email reply to my order but got no reply for some time so trying here…
Thanks !

some details:
Downloaded zip file: Size: 6252301704 bytes
MD5 ( = 72e75375d76e8fe0c8e2cb6906880170

MB5 checksums of all files in extracted folder:
MD5 (01 - Loving You.dff) = 43f4f89bde4c6bf5f943d9ce530a43ed
MD5 (02 - Ship of Dreams.dff) = 9af7fea12bb40ea0f34d3310a36fd551
MD5 (03 - Baba Yaga’s Hut.dff) = bd1f2427a333d307f596b412529ca10f
MD5 (04 - Moonbeam.dff) = 01334d8a00c154b20b50c97fa2ee80d8
MD5 (05 - Fox Trail.dff) = aefe7b8bd6bf27cebe69f65a685a8cd2
MD5 (06 - I Belong.dff) = 79cf85f1dc5a7ffd34e0347e141aa5ee
MD5 (07 - Airs chantés no.dff) = 8e2d2a7cb106e5167483842cee2c5b72
MD5 (08 - Arborvitae.dff) = 76724248c29c528edc8106d5471aa12e
MD5 (09 - Last Chance.dff) = b945cce179cfd39d22613babd94a1cc6
MD5 (10 - Some Tyrant.dff) = 4854dfd2cf261d605219cabb08f23fd5

and their respective sizes in bytes:
610165824 01 - Loving You.dff
691187520 02 - Ship of Dreams.dff
975873600 03 - Baba Yaga’s Hut.dff
504419904 04 - Moonbeam.dff
537385536 05 - Fox Trail.dff
625557312 06 - I Belong.dff
212320320 07 - Airs chantés no.dff
1038794304 08 - Arborvitae.dff
395324736 09 - Last Chance.dff
661270080 10 - Some Tyrant.dff


Quality control, it seems like an alien concept. I don’t get it.

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I’m sure someone with PSA is deeply embarrassed.

It reminds me of the time when at my first job out of grad school, after a couple of years I was put in charge of building our software for releases. My first one went out with no license checking code. Who knows how many customers never renewed their contracts.

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Well crap happens and you learn from it. The files look like they play. Dac reads 256. You have to have your system on / volume up to find out something is wrong.

So going forward - I’d suggest a download off the site and play it while you work. Sounds like an enjoyable QC job.

I’ve been analysing a sample track Paul posted in another comment somewhere. I have a Windows version of a so-called ‘metadsf.exe’ app that I wrote. I added a feature to check the header of the input file for a DSDIFF file id. The app did indeed report the sample file as a standard DSD256 DSDIFF (.dff) file. So if you’ve already downloaded any, I’m guessing that if you have a player capable of playing .dff files, you should be able to hear it. :wink:


Confirmed Tim. My bad. Should have checked first using HQPlayer before posting.:roll_eyes:

Haha. Yah. Paul has confirmed. I have dsf dff sacd iso and all play fine thru jriver. They are fixing things

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