Your new Captcha login is annoying and

…why? When I tried to log in and saw the Captcha, I thought “Well, this is silly”. What critical secrets are you storing on your website? Worried about spam? Moderate…

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Yes, spam protection. I don’t know why it’s different for some folks but if I get logged out automatically, it only asks me to check a box and then I’m good. Maybe how regularly someone signs in?

I check in every day.

Do you check the keep me logged in box so you don’t have to deal with it?

You beat me to asking this. :slight_smile:


Yup. And I check the PSAudio site every day. Someone (you, jamesh?) or Paul gave the OK to add Captcha to the login. My usual response to that is to cease doing business with any site that asks if I am a bot. I won’t cancel my account with PSAudio due to my purchases warranties but this will be my last post to the fora and I won’t ever make another PSAudio component purchase.
If your site has any doubts about my robo status, all you need to do is check my account, my user name and password, and the several thousands of dollars I have spent with PSAudio. So sorry to leave this as my last post.


I believe you have misunderstood why the reCaptcha is there. Without it, automated bots (non-humans) would fill the forum with junk making it unusable.

No one is questioning if you’re a bot, rather it’s a fact of online life that automated bots must be dealt with.

Think of bots as spam email cluttering the forum with spam posts.

I suspect the reason you see it every time is your web browser is set to delete ‘cookies’ when closed.

Try leaving your browser open instead of closing it or shutting down your computer at the end of the day or better change the browser setting so that cookies are not deleted.

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Who knows, I may be a bot… A smart bot… Gotcha captcha…

Ron, try to be helpful from time to time.

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DrShaw, I do apologize, but I don’t quite understand the frustration with this. It is simply to protect the safety of the website and prevents us from receiving fake orders, spam accounts, fraudulent accounts, and others like this. That’s all it is. There is absolutely no lack of trust that you are an authentic part of our PS family. If I could, I would disable it for you. It asks Paul and I to verify we’re not robots either.

Really hope this isn’t goodbye DrShaw.



Somebody’s buttons got pushed, or rather checkbox got ticked. I whole heartedly invite DrShaw to return and we’ll all just get back to loving the music!

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@DrShaw, you have my sympathies. I have my own problems with robo nuisances on my phone. Logins are a minor hassle but for some unknown reason (demons be gone). Guess they haven’t yet got to me.
Peace and good listening,

This seems a bit extreme. The Captcha login is a bit of a bother, but spambots are worse.

Hang around and we will work with you to figure out how to keep you logged in. @brett66 has already made an excellent suggestion for resolving this for you.


But I am a bot….at least a lot fo folks think so. :slight_smile:

Before adding the Captcha we were invaded at least twice by malicious bots and one actually took over the website and had us advertising online gambling for the three days it took to disable the silly thing.

I agree it’s a shame there are so many bad actors out there, but we live in different times.


I wonder what the polite and normal way it will be query an entity if it is a bot or human. About a month ago I had a chat with a Bot at verizon that repaired my home internet connection. I’m glad PS Audio is implementing best practices in web security. It keeps all of us safer on the site and lowers the risk for us all!

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Funny. I come here every day and have been never asked if I am a robot. Never. I just link from the podcast to the forum and viola, here I am. Now I am starting to feel slighted.

Ooh, I’ll be deleting your account then. These are all of the telling signs of a bot! :smile:


Why I oughtta…

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If you delete my account, I may save a lot of money! :smile:

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