15’ Power Cord for P10 Power Plant

Reconfiguring my listening room and moving the P10 to a rack that will require a 15’ power cord to reach the nearest standard 120v outlet. What are the minimum specs that a power cord would require to safely power the P10? Also appreciate any specific budget friendly 15’ power cord recommendations, thanks!

The 10 gage BAV is a very good power cable for the money. Nothing fancy just quality made to order product that performs well.


Without knowing your room, have you considered having an outlet installed closer to the P10? Outlet installations are generally less then $250 USD.


Both good suggestions above.

I have a P15 powered by a 14’ 10 gage BAV. Works as expected.

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NRG Custom Cables. Nawaz will make you an effective 4.5 gauge cable. I use a few the one I think is .5 type. Excellent for the money. I had BAV too and NRG is preferred by me.

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