P15 Power cord recommendations

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I Just picked up a P15 power plant. I am now in the process of swapping out power cords for all components starting with the P15. Seeking recommendations under 1k. I am currently looking at at, AQ Monsoon, Cardas Golden Ref, Cardas Clear, Synergistic Research UEF Blue. I am guessing the shorter the cable will benefit?? thank you all for your input.

Actually I think that shorter cables do NOT sound better, one meter or longer is a good choice.

Years ago I fell in love with the PS Audio PerfectWave AC-12 and with careful shopping I have equipted my main system and my audio/video system with these cords from the wall to the P15 and PPP I use with these, as well as from the power plants to the components. I have not strayed from these. . . they suit my system very very well.


I have all Shunyata. I tried their new Delta V2 and I think they’re fantastic. I would use their “XC” model going to the P15 and the NR versions to everything else. They are well within your budget.


thank you. I think i came across some “EF” models, but did not know much about them

Take a look here too:

The designer, Colin Wonfor has an amazing resume in electronics including power systems in the ISS.
I own one of his amps, speaker cables and interconnects and they’re fabulous.

Mark D.


Email Pete @ triodewirelabs@gmail.com and tell him exactly what you are powering and will help.
He NEVER tries to oversell. If he thinks one of his less expensive models will work great for you, he will recommend it.
BUT, his top model, which I own, is AMAZING on ANYTHING.
The Obsession — Statement Series - Triode Wire Labs
Tom - NJ

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it looks like he is close to my home town. I should be close by there in the next couple weeks. thank you for the info, I will ck it out.

You’ll be VERY pleased with Pete’s power cords.

I am getting a NEW Equi=Tech Model 1.5 RQ Balanced Power Conditioner (for all my analog & digital front end gear) and I will be soon ordering 2 more Obsession - Statement Series power cords for it.

Good Luck !
Tom - NJ

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Agree on the TWL power cords. I have been using a 7+ on both line conditioners and power plants for about four years.

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Another vote for TWL power cords. I use a combination of 12+, 10+ and 7+ cords and Pete’s digital cord from the American series. Between the wall and my Furman line stabilizer/conditioner I use the 20 amp version of the 7+. The 12+, 10+ and digital cords between the Furman and all my source components. A 15 amp 7+ from the wall to my Pass X250.5 (I dislike running high power amps from a conditioner or even a regenerator).
I’m an extreme skeptic when it comes to after-market cords. TWL cords make an honest to goodness SQ difference.

I’m happy with my AQ Monsoon, which I consider to be good ‘bang for the buck’.


thank you all for your feedback. I am okay with spending the $$ if I can hear the difference from a stock to a $500 cord, or a difference from a $500 cord to $1k cord. appreciate all the feedback and will look into these. I did see folks using that monsoon with good results.

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Anyone have experience with HARMONIC TECHNOLOGY AC-10 POWER CABLES?

I’m using a Pangea AC-9SEMKII power cord between the wall outlet and my P15. I have also used an PS Audio AC-12 power cord before. But I never did an AxB comparison.


Did you like the AC12? And do you still like the Pangea?

I opted for AQ Monsoon, recommended by PS Audio. It is designed for varying loads, so it works well with both power plants and power amps.


Hi, @Serhan. Yes, they work plenty well in my system. I have only changed the AC12 in order to have a thicker cord feeding the P15 (8 x 7 AWG) and put the AC12 to feed my BHK 250.

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AC-12 is Built from 8-Gauge Single-Crystal Copper. I think 1.0m used to sell for $800+

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Yes it is, but (they say) AC-9 is made with 7AWG 99.99% purity OFC conductors from Cardas (Grade One Copper). While a 2m long AC12 power cord is $1,199, an AC-9SE MKII costs less than 1/4 of it.

Despite there are differences between the two, I must confess that I cannot audibly find them in my system.

FYI-there are 2x AC12’s up now on US Audio Mart. I just emailed the guy. wondering if it worth having them shipped if I can just get the AQ Monsoon, AQ NRG-1000 or Pangea local for good deal