15A-->20A adapter recs?

I have a Wyred conditioner coming that has a 20A inlet, while I have a 15A cord and outlet. So will need a 20A female to 15A male adapter. Two questions:

  1. I know from experience that not all cheap adapters are sonically equal. Anyone compare any of the cheapies, such as from Home Depot? Something to use at least until I decide the conditioner is a keeper.

  2. Assuming I keep the unit, what do you like among the relatively more specialized audio company ones (unless, of course, the cheapie is just as good)?

(Note: To keep on topic, if you think all adapters are the same sonically but have never actually compared, please pass.) Thanks,

It’s possible you can get these from the Cable Co. for audition, or buy and return with their return policy.
They have Shunyata, Furman, Cardas I believe. Your system, your test, your piece of mind.

I just found out that the conditioner comes with a needed cord. If I want to switch to a better cord, then VooDoo has adapters.

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