192 skipping/stopping after firmware upgrade


I updated to 2.20 (pld109) from pld107 and have found I’m having massive problems with playing 24/192. Previously I had occasional issues with micro-skipping, etc with the older firmware but nothing like this. I’m using the bridge latest firmware which has been in place for a while.

any thoughts?


Was there a reason why you went to the version with (pld 109)? Is that version suppose to sound better?

Man, I still don’t have a clue as to the differences between the various versions of 2.20… The one I downloaded from this forum doesn’t include (pld 109), and without looking, I’m not so sure it was (pld 107), but my system seems to be pretty stable.


From what I read people liked the way it sounded but I was also hoping it would improve the few problems i was already having with 24/192 not make them worse.


Perhaps you can give some more information regarding your setup. What is your music server software? Wired/Wireless? Because it seems odd that a PWD firmware would influence the streaming part of your setup (Bridge). But we have heard/seen stranger things (e.g. firmware changes sound signature etc), so who knows :smiley:

n.b. What file format are you using, FLAC, ALAC, WAV, AIFF?


Always flac. Hard wired using foobar upnp streaming plug-in.


I like DAC 2.2.0 with Bridge 0.2.13c sounds good and I have had no stability issues.